Fun and Exciting DIY Water Gun Cup Racing Game

Your kids will have so much fun playing this water gun cup racing game by shooting water at DIY targets. This is the perfect game for the hot summer months!


In Arizona, it’s beginning to look like spring. That means it’s time to bust out water guns and move activities outdoors!

We are going to take the classic water gun shooting games up a notch! Instead of just running around and soaking each other, this DIY cup racing game will keep you, your kids, and all their friends entertained for hours

This fun water gun cup race is perfect for parties or play dates because it’s easy to set up and kids just love shooting squirt guns. So grab your nearest water guns and unleash an epic splash-filled battle right in your own yard!

How to Play the Water Gun Shooting Game


  • Cups
  • Straws
  • Tape
  • String
  • Water guns


1. Cut off a piece of the straw (about 2”).

2. Tape the straw onto the side of the cup.

Water Gun Cup Race Set Up

3. Thread the string through the straw.

Water Gun Cup Race Put on Strings

4. Attach both ends of the string to a post, the wall (may need to use duct tape for this), a chair, or any object that is stable. If possible, you can just tie the string around the object instead of using tape.

Water Gun Cup Shooting Game

5. Repeat steps #1-4 depending on how many players are in the race.

6. Use water guns to shoot water into the cup to move the cup along the string.

There are many ways to play this water gun cup game. You can:

  • Allow all the players to move with the cup.
  • Have all the players stand in the same spot while the cup moves along the string.
  • Use different squirt toys to shoot water.
  • Make the string go upward or downward.
  • Use different-sized cups – the smaller the cup, the harder!

Final Thoughts on Cup and Water Race

You are probably wondering, “how wet am I going to get playing this with my kid?” The secret is … if you are not the one winning, you won’t get wet! The one who is winning will be the one in front of the other players so there is a chance he/she might get shot by the water gun. Otherwise, you should remain fairly dry!

My kids had so much fun racing the cups with their water guns. I hope yours did too!


DIY Water Gun Cup Race

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