21 Adorable Pinecone Crafts for Kids

Pinecone Crafts for kids are both fun and educational. Not only can you use it for a learning activity about nature and the outdoors, but you can also use it as an opportunity for creative crafts.

Pine Cone Crafts for Kids

Pinecones are versatile so you can use them for just about any craft. From holiday crafts to animal crafts and everything in between, the pinecone can be used in a variety of different ways.

Kids will love working on these pinecone crafts as they learn about nature and explore their creative side. These easy to make pinecone crafts for kids are great for school projects or as a fun art activity.

Pinecone Crafts for Kids

Snowy Owls from Mombrite

A fun project for kids, these snowy owls are made from pinecones and are an easy craft they will love to do.

Pinecone Snowy Owl Craft

Easy Pinecone Hedgehog from Red Ted Art

Kids will love making these cute little hedgehogs with pinecones and salt dough!

Salt Dough used for Pinecone dogs-min

Pinecone Fairies from Red Ted Art

Super cute and fun to make, kids will love creating these colorful fairies from pinecones, felt paper, and yarn.

paper cuting used for pinecone butterfly-min

Pinecone Angel Ornament from Mombrite

A cute pinecone craft for the holidays, kids will have fun making these pinecone angels.

Pinecone Angel craft

Pinecone Christmas Characters from Hello Wonderful

Super cute and fun for the holidays, these pinecones are turned into your favorite Christmas characters for the holidays.

pinecone teddy for christmas craft-min

Pinecone Christmas Tree Craft from Hello Wonderful

Another cute and fun pinecone Christmas craft for kids, these colorful Christmas trees will make the perfect holiday craft.

pinecone christmas tree craft-min

Pinecone Pets from Blue Bear Wood

Easy to make, kids will love making and playing with these DIY pinecone pets. Let the kids get creative with this one and make their own style of pets!

Hand made pine cone pets 3-min

Snowman Pinecone from Look We’re Learning

Fun for winter, or for the holidays, these cute little snowmen are made from cotton balls, pipe cleaners, and pinecones.


Christmas Decorated Pinecone Trees from Growing Family

Kids will love painting these pinecones like Christmas trees for the holidays. They can even use different colored paints and glitter to create Christmas lights.

Hand made green coloured pinecone craft-min

Turkey Pinecone Craft from Mombrite

The kids will love helping to create these pinecone turkeys for Thanksgiving. Once finished, you can use the pinecones for table decorations.

Pinecone Turkey Craft (10)

Pom-Pom Pinecone Ornaments from Two Kids and A Coupon

Using holiday pom poms, these pinecones are turned into a colorful and festive craft for the kids.

Hand made coloured pinecone-min

Pinecone Reindeer Ornaments from Fire Flies and Mudpies

Cute and festive, these pinecone reindeer ornaments are the perfect holiday craft that the kids will love making.

cotton cutting used for Pinecone Reindeer-min

Pinecone Bird Feeders from Freebie Finding Mom

Fun for any time of the year, kids will enjoy making these pinecone bird feeders. They will also love watching the birds as they visit the feeders.

susing pinecones for craft-min

Pinecone Mouse Craft from Daisies and Pie

Cute and easy to make, this pinecone craft turns a normal pinecone into a cute little mouse with a tail. The kids will love creating this cute little guy!

handmade pinecone mouse craft-min

Glitter Pinecone Ornaments from Thimble and Twig

Kids will have fun playing in glitter as they create these festive glitter pinecone ornaments for the holidays.


Pinecone Christmas Tree from Fire Flies and Mudpies

Another fun Christmas tree made from pinecones, this pinecone Christmas tree uses mini pom poms of all colors.

Pine Cone Christmas Tree-min

Nature Sculptures 3D Craft from Emma Owl

Fun and educational, these pinecone sculptures can be a great learning opportunity for kids. As they learn about nature, they can also tap into their art skills and learn more from that.

Nature Sculptures 3D Craft

Pinecone Apple Trees from Mom Wife Busy Life

A fun project that the kids are sure to love, these pinecones are turned into red apple trees that are blooming.

coloured pinecone apple tree-min

Pinecone Spider Craft for Kids from Mom Wife Busy Life

This adorable spider as lots of eyes and is made with a pinecone, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and a bit of crafting paint. Perfect for Halloween!

pinecone used for spidder craft-min

Pinecone Turkey from Mom Wife Busy Life

Another cute pinecone turkey craft that the kids will love making for Thanksgiving, this colorful turkey is sure to be a hit.

coloured feather used for pinecone turkey-min

Pinecone Garland from Family Focus Blog

With a little help from an adult, this pinecone garland craft will be a great project for the fall season. This is a fun art project that can be turned into a decoration!


I hope you and your kids enjoy making these pinecone crafts! Next time you see a pinecone on the ground, let your child pick it up and bring it home. There are lots of fun to be had with pinecones!

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