Paper Christmas Tree Snow Globe Craft [Free Printable]

Winter is such a fun time for the kids. There seem to be endless crafts and STEM activities you can do and they are all so cute! So far we made a cotton ball snowman and penguin and spent some quiet time coloring Santa coloring pages

Paper Christmas Tree Snow Globe (4)

Today, we are putting the kids’ scissors and glue skills to the test with this paper Christmas tree snow globe craft! If you have preschoolers and kindergarteners, you may want to help them cut out all the pieces and leave the gluing up to them. Older kids should be able to do the craft all by themselves.

How to Make Paper Snow Globe



1. Print out the free template and trace the corresponding parts on colored paper (brown for the base and tree trunk, blue for the globe, white for the snow, green for the tree). Cut out all the pieces. I also included the pieces on separate pages in case you want to print directly on the colored paper.

Christmas Tree Snow Globe Mockup
Paper Christmas Tree Snow Globe Materials

2. Glue the brown base to the blue circle to make the snow globe.

3. Glue the white snow base right above the brown base.

Paper Snow Globe Base (1)

4. Glue the tree trunk so that it sits in the “hole” in the snow.

5. Glue the Christmas tree on top of the tree trunk.

Paper Snow Globe Base

6. Glue different colored pom-poms to the tree as decoration. Let your kids place the pom-poms wherever they would like on the tree just as they would with ornaments on a real Christmas tree.

7. Glue white pom-poms on the blue globe to make snow.

Paper Christmas Tree Snow Globe (1)

8. Optional: Stick a star foam sticker on the top of the tree. If you don’t happen to have a star sticker at home, you can always cut one out of yellow paper.

Paper Christmas Tree Snow Globe

This paper snow globe craft is great to practice scissors and fine motor skills. At the same time, it also allows your kid to be creative and decorate the tree and globe whatever way they like.

Paper Christmas Tree Snow Globe 3

Will they wrap the pom-poms around the tree like Christmas lights? Or will they scatter the pom-poms randomly like ornaments? Will they just add a few white pom-poms and make little snow flurries, or add a whole bunch and make a snowstorm?

Hope you enjoy this easy craft!

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