Easy Mother’s Day Flower Craft [Free Template]

Shower your mom with love with this simple Mother’s Day flower craft! This DIY Mother’s Day gift is a fantastic way for kids to show their moms just how much they love them.

Mother's Day I Love You Because Craft

The best Mother’s Day gifts don’t have to be expensive or fancy. Moms love receiving homemade gifts created by their children that they can keep and take out from time to time to remind them of all the wonderful memories of motherhood.

This “I Love You Because” or “I Love My Mom Because” Mother’s Day craft is easy to make with the free template. It’s a great activity to do with preschoolers, kindergarteners, and elementary school kids in a classroom or at home.

Mother’s Day Flower Craft Tutorial



1. Download and print out the Mother’s Day flower craft template. If you are using the template as a stencil, you only need to cut out one of the flower petals and one of the leaves. Cut out the circle (center for the flower) and rectangle (stem).

Alternatively, you can print out the flower petal templates on colored cardstock. You can choose what color you would like the flower petals to be. For the circle, you can either keep it the same color as the petals or you can trace it on a different colored cardstock. Print out the leaves on green cardstock.

If you are printing all the templates out on colored cardstock, then you can cut all the pieces out with scissors and skip step #2.

One last option would be to print everything out on white paper and use the flower template as a coloring page. Your kids can decorate and color the flower, stem, and leaves with crayons or colored pencils. After your kids are done coloring, cut everything out and jump to step #3.

2. Trace the flower petal pattern 8 times on colored construction paper of your choice. Trace the circle on a different colored paper. Lastly, trace the stem and leaves patterns on green construction paper.

Cut all the template patterns out nicely.

Mother's Day Flower Craft Template Patterns

3. Write “I Love You Because” or “I Love My Mom Because” in the middle of the circle with a Sharpie or black marker. To make the flower even more personal, you can cut out and glue a small photo of each child onto the circle and write the words around it. This is a fun way to keep track of who made the Mother’s Day flower craft and when.

Mother's Day Flower Craft Write I Love My Mom Because

4. Have your child come up with 8 reasons why he or she loves his or her mom. Write each reason on the flower petals so that there is one reason per petal.

If you have a preschooler or kindergartener, you may need to help write the reasons on the petals.

Mother's Day Flower Craft Write Reasons on Petals

5. Turn the circle over and apply glue to the outer ring of the circle. Glue the top, bottom, left, and right petals on the circle.

Mother's Day Flower Craft Glue Circle
Mothers Day Flower Craft Glue Petals on Circle

6. Glue the rest of the petals in between the petals that are already glued on the circle. Apply more glue if necessary.

Mother's Day I Love You Because Craft Glue Petals

7. Draw the details on the leaves with the Sharpie.

Mother's Day Flower Craft Draw Leaves

8. Glue the top of the stem to the bottom petal of the flower.

Mother's Day Flower Craft Glue Stem

9. Apply glue to the stem and stick the leaves on the stem. Flip the flower over and you have completed the Mother’s Day flower craft!

Mother's Day Flower Craft Glue Leaves
Mother's Day Flower Craft Completed

10. To make the paper flower crafter easier to handle, glue the entire flower on a piece of cardstock. Decorate the empty space on the cardstock with stickers and glitter if you wish!

Mother's Day Flower Craft on Paper

Your Mother’s Day flower craft is ready to be presented as a gift to the very special woman in your kid’s life!

And don’t forget Grandma! You can make the same craft but write “I Love Grandma Because” in the circle. Grandmas would love to receive such a thoughtful gift from their grandkids.

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