DIY Customizable LEGO Mother’s Day Card [Free Printable]

Using LEGO blocks you have around the house, your kids can make an adorable LEGO Mother’s Day card by using the LEGO bricks as stamps.

LEGO Mothers Day Card 7

We are having so much fun playing with LEGO these days that there is no way we are letting Mother’s Day go by without a LEGO card!

This DIY LEGO Mother’s Day is easy to make, and so, so sweet! Your LEGO fan will be super happy to be using his/her favorite toy to make something for his/her mom.

Read on for the free printable card and detailed directions on how to make this adorable card.

How to Make LEGO Mother’s Day Card



  1. Print out the free LEGO Mother’s Day Card template on cardstock paper.
  2. Cut out the card along the outline.
  3. Fold the card in half.
  4. Pick out two LEGO bricks, one longer one to represent the mom (I used 2×8) and a shorter one to represent the kid (2×4). If you have a baby, you can use the 2×2 brick.
  5. Stack 2-3 2×2 bricks on top of the mom and kid bricks as handles for the stamp. This just prevents your kid from dipping his/her finger in the stamp pad and makes the stamp easier to hold.
  6. Press the LEGO on the stamp pad. Make sure to cover all edges and corners.
  7. Stamp the mom brick and kid brick next to each other on the front of the card. If you have more than one kid, stamp as many kid bricks as you need. You can also write their names underneath the bricks so they know who is who. 
  8. Draw hands to connect the LEGO imprints together.
  9. (Optional) If your kid wishes, he/she can dress his/her LEGO stamp by drawing the inside of the LEGO outline. My kids wanted to keep the interior blank.
  10. (Optional) Glue googly eyes onto the LEGO outlines. If you don’t have googly eyes, you can just draw eyes freehand.
  11. Make a mini-heart using two 2×2 bricks and two 2×4 bricks (see pictures below).
  12. Press the mini-heart on the stamp pad. 
  13. Open up the card and stamp the mini-heart in between the texts.
  14. (Optional) Decorate the heart.
  15. Wait until the glue and ink are dry, and give the card to mommy!

Final Thoughts on LEGO Mother’s Day Card

To all the mothers out there – you deserve so much celebration for Mother’s Day because it is not easy being a mom. Between entertaining our kids who are always bored and just struggling to keep them alive, moms have no time to care for themselves.

So for this Mother’s Day, just LEGO of all the chores and let yourself relax. Chill. Watch Netflix. Or just sleep.




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