How to Make “I Heart Mom” Sign with LEGO

Create an “I Heart Mom” sign with LEGO blocks that you already have at home as a heartwarming Mother’s Day gift!


For this Mother’s Day, I have a great idea for you.

If you have a LEGO fan at home, here is the perfect way to get some time for yourself.

How to Make LEGO “I Heart Mom”

Give your kid a LEGO baseplate, a bunch of LEGO bricks, and ask him/her to create an “I Heart Mom” sign for you.

If your kid is having trouble putting together the sign, flash him the picture above so he/she gets an idea of what the sign should look like, but that’s all. Your kid will need to come up with the design himself/herself.

Hopefully, that will at least buy you half an hour or more to relax and drink your coffee!

Here are some closeups of the “I Heart Mom” sign:


Final Thoughts on the “I Heart Mom” LEGO Mother’s Day Gift

There is no right way to use LEGO bricks to form the letters and the heart. The heart especially might end up taller, or fatter, or maybe not as “curved” looking, but that’s okay.

The M’s were the most difficult to make for me, and there is definitely more than one way to form the letters.

I hope your kid enjoyed figuring out how to make the “I Heart Mom” sign and you enjoyed some time to kick your feet up!



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