DIY Mother’s Day Heart Flower Pop-Up Card [Free Template]

Kids will love creating this adorable 3D DIY Mother’s Day Heart Flower Pop-Up Card for their moms and grandmas who deserve something special this holiday.

Pop Up Mother's Day Card

Getting a homemade card made by your child is the sweetest gift a mom can receive on Mother’s Day. Your kids will love making pop-up cards because they are impressive to look at and fun to create!

Making a DIY pop-up card is actually pretty easy, especially with a printable template. Your kids can make it as simple or complicated as they like depending on how they want to decorate their cards.

We decided to create a heart flower for this Mother’s Day Pop-Up Card craft. Below is the step-by-step tutorial on how you can first craft the heart flower, and then how you can make a basic pop-up card to give the card a three-dimensional look. Mothers everywhere will love this beautiful and heartfelt Mother’s Day card!

How to Make a Pop-Up Mother’s Day Card


Step by Step Instructions for a Mother’s Day Pop-Up Card

Prepare the Heart Flower

1. Download and print out the free Mother’s Day pop-up card template. Cut out all the template pieces.

2. Trace the heart-shaped flower petals on colored paper. You can select what color you would like the flower to be (we used pink). There should be 5 petals total. Trace the stem template pattern on green cardstock. Trace the circle on yellow cardstock (or another color of your choice).

For the leaves, trace one of the heart patterns on green paper, then cut the heart in half. Each half of the heart would be a leaf.

Cut out all the template patterns.

Pop Up Mother's Day Card Template Patterns

3. Start forming the flower by gluing the heart petal cutouts side by side, each one slightly overlapping the other.

Pop Up Mother's Day Card Glue Heart Flower Petals

4. Continue to glue the heart petals together into a round shape until you complete the flower pattern.

Pop Up Mother's Day Card Finish Heart Flower

5. Glue the yellow circle cutout in the center of the heart flower. Glue the leaf cutouts on the stem cutout.

Mother's Day Pop Up Card Glue Leaves on Stem

6. Glue the paper flower on the top end of the paper stem.

Mother's Day Pop Up Card Finish Flower

Prepare the Base of the Pop-Up Mother’s Day Card

7. Trace and cut out the Mother’s Day pop-up card base. You can use the template provided, or you can measure the length of the heart flower and add about 3 cm to it to determine the height of the pop-up card when it is opened (half of the total length). The width of the card should be wider than the width of the paper flower.

Pop Up Mother's Day Card Prepare Card

8. If you are using the card template, cut along the red marked lines to form the slits. If you are creating your own card base, then draw two parallel lines along the middle of the card, with a gap between the slits. The gap should be at least as wide as the stem of the heart flower.

Pop Up Mother's Day Card Cut Slits

9. Fold the tab toward the inside of the card along the yellow marked line.

Pop Up Mother's Day Card Fold Slits

If you fold the card in half, it should have a “hole” in the middle of the base.

Pop Up Mother's Day Card Fold Card in Half

Assemble the Mother’s Day Pop-Up Card

10. Glue the paper flower on the tab so that the flower is standing up straight when you open the card.

Pop Up Mother's Day Card Glue Flower on Card

Your lovely DIY pop-up card is done! Your child can decorate the card further with heart stickers and other embellishments you have around the house. Kindergarteners and elementary school kids can write a sweet message on the card to show how much they love their mom!

Mother's Day Pop Up Card

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