Build Your Own Emoji Face Game [Free Printable]

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This Build Your Own Emoji Face Game is a great emotion game for kids. They can communicate how they feel through popular emoji faces or draw their own!

Build Your Own Emoji Face Mockup

Emojis are part of our daily lives now, from the traditional use for them in our mobiles to show emotion to throw cushions and even films. The word emoji is now part of our vocabulary, isn’t it?

The thing is, kids love emojis! You can now find them being used for their intended purpose to any and all emoji merchandise. Since we know how much your kids love them, we had to share a printable that allows the kids to build their own emoji face. 

This printable is sure to have your kids making lots of silly faces and will keep them happy, busy, and definitely entertained. Scroll down to the end of the post to fill in the form for your free download!

Build Your Own Emoji Face Game

From recreating some of their favorite emojis, to creating unique silly faces, the printables will be a lot of fun for your kids to play with. This activity consists of 4 sheets. The first is the actual emoji face, whilst the next 3 are the features that go on the face. 

How to Play

This Build Your Own Emoji Face printable really couldn’t be simpler to play and create your emoji face. Just download the sheets, print them out, and cut out the yellow emoji face. Select the facial features you would like on the face, cut them out, and stick them on. The features can be glued on or better yet, why not laminate the sheets so they can be reusable. 

If you have smaller kids, you may need to do the cutting for them as they are not yet comfortable using scissors. For older kids, you can simply supervise to make sure they are following the directions.

If you laminate the sheets you can then use double-sided sticky tape, or even velcro dots so the kids can reuse the sheets and you don’t have to print them out again and again. That said, your kids might like this game so much that there might be lots of wear and tear even with the laminated sheets!

Build Your Own Emoji Face Game

How Else Can You Use the Emoji Face

The emoji face can be used for kids to play with and have a fun time with. Either amongst siblings, friends, in a classroom setting, or even on their own. But you can also use the emoji face to help kids discuss and talk through their emotions. 

Many times children may not be able to fully recognize or express what it is that they are feeling, but if given the right tools, such as the emoji face, they can then express themselves a bit better. Children may not want to speak about their feelings either as they may not know how to verbalize what they feel, or may lack the vocabulary to do so. But with access to create “different faces” they can identify how they are feeling and will be better equipped to be that much more open about their emotions. 

This not only works as a parent but as an educator as well. It’s also interesting to leave the children to it and allow them to show each other what they may be feeling. Opening up to their peers can sometimes be easier than opening up to adults.

One easy way to use the emoji face is to laminate the sheet or place it in a page protector. And instead of using the different facial features provided, give your kid a dry-erase marker to draw their emotions instead. They can draw a happy face when they are playing with a toy they like, an angry face when they don’t get what they want, and even a confused face when they don’t get what’s going on. Simply use a piece of tissue paper to wipe off the face and draw a new one.

We hope that you enjoy this printable as much as we have enjoyed creating it! As you can see this simple printable can be used in various ways and in various settings, but what we do know is that your kids will get lots out of it. 

This is a guest post by Helen Neale from Kiddycharts. Helen is a well-known parent blogger and digital marketer, and her Kiddycharts blog has lots of free printables such as reward charts for kids that will help make parents’ lives easier.

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