How to Make Homemade Bubble Wands

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Here is how to make your own homemade bubble wands at home with materials you already have!

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All kids love bubbles. My kids, however, don’t necessarily care to pop the bubbles – they want to create the bubbles. Unfortunately, the cheap, plastic bubble wands that come with most bubble solutions are way too thin and short. As a result, my kids end up dipping their entire hand in the bubble solution or tilting most of the bubble solution out of the bottles in an attempt to get the wands in the solution.

With a bubble-themed birthday party coming up, I have decided to tap into my inner Pinterest mom and create my own homemade bubble wands instead of purchasing them. Why spend money when I already have all the materials at home?


  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Chopsticks
  • Glue Gun (optional)

Just like pom poms, I have way too many pipe cleaners at home. If I have a dollar for every pipe cleaner I have, I would … well ok I won’t be rich, but I could probably buy myself some nice bling (do the kids still use this word? Oh gosh I am old). As for chopsticks, I used the disposable ones that you can get in any Chinese restaurant. Just like any Pinterest project, I approached this one with fear in my heart because it seems too simple to be true. But once I made my first bubble wand in under 2 minutes, I was addicted!


1. Bend and twist the pipe cleaner to form an oval, leaving about 2 inches on either end.

2. Place the oval on the end of the thin end of the chopstick and start twisting the pipe cleaner around the chopstick.

3. With one hand firmly holding the oval to the chopstick, take one end of the pipe cleaner and tightly wind it around the chopstick.

4. Take the other end and tightly wind it around the chopstick, filling the empty spaces left by the other end of the pipe cleaner.

5. Bend the oval part of the pipe cleaner to whatever shape you fancy.

6. (optional) Use a glue gun to ensure the pipe cleaner stick to the chopstick, and/or to cover the pointy ends of the pipe cleaner.

Just a few notes regarding the optional step with the glue gun:

  • You really don’t need the glue if you wrap the pipe cleaner tightly enough around the chopstick. However, since kids tend to like to wave the wands around in the air, you may want that extra reinforcement to ensure the pipe cleaner doesn’t fly off.
  • If you don’t have a glue gun, you can also secure the pipe cleaner to the chopstick with tape. It may not look as nice though.
  • The ends of the pipe cleaners may poke the little ones in the fingers, so I do recommend covering them with glue or tape.

That’s it! So easy right? The hardest part really is to form the pipe cleaners to different geometric shapes, but it really isn’t that difficult. I want to just keep making more and give them away to people!

Now I know what you are thinking – it’s easy to make, it’s pretty to look at, but does the bubble wand work? I broke out some bubble solution and pour it into a plate and gave my kids the bubble wands to test them out. The verdict? Drum roll, please … they work fabulously!!!

If you don’t have chopsticks around the house, you can also just twist the two ends of the pipe cleaner together to create a short handle. If you are doing this, I recommend making the oval smaller so that you get more length on the handle. However, I do really like the length of the chopsticks because longer handles = less bubbles on the little hands!

As for bubble solutions, feel free to make your own! The best bubble solutions have either glycerin, light corn syrup, or sugar in the recipe. They make the bubbles more durable – some even stay un-popped overnight on my carpet. Here is a bunch of recipes to check out:

Have lots of fun making the wands and then playing with them!

What are your favorite bubbles activities?

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