Cute and Easy Valentine’s Heart Suncatcher Craft for Kids [Free Template]

Your kids will love making this Valentine’s Day heart suncatcher craft that will brighten up your window! This easy heart craft is perfect for the little hands.

Valentine Heart Suncatcher Craft (11)

We love making suncatchers. They make an otherwise boring window so nice and pretty. Plus, all the beautiful colors that shine through when it’s sunny out make the room just so much more joyful!

This Valentine’s Day heart suncatcher craft is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. They will love cutting or ripping the tissue paper and sticking the pieces on the contact paper. 

Your kids will love the stained glass look of the heart suncatcher. Since it’s so simple to make with only a few supplies, this Valentine’s Day craft is great for classrooms or home. Continue reading for a step-by-step tutorial and the free heart template that will make this suncatcher craft even easier!

How to Make Heart Suncatcher



1. Fold the free heart suncatcher template in half along the vertical line of symmetry.

Valentine Heart Suncatcher Craft (1)

2. Cut out the bigger heart.

Valentine Heart Suncatcher Craft (2)

3. Cut out the smaller heart. Now you have the heart-shaped frame for the suncatcher. You can save the small heart that you cut out for other Valentine’s Day crafts

Valentine Heart Suncatcher Craft (3)
Valentine Heart Suncatcher Craft (4)

4. Cut the tissue paper into small pieces. We used red and pink tissue papers because they are Valentine’s Day colors! If you are not comfortable with your kid using a pair of scissors, you can just have him or her tear the tissue paper by hand instead.

Valentine Heart Suncatcher Craft (5)

5. Cut a piece of contact paper that is larger than the heart.

6. Peel off the contact paper backing and carefully lay the heart frame on top of the contact paper.

Valentine Heart Suncatcher Craft (6)

7. Stick the tissue paper pieces on the contact paper. There is no right way to do this! Your kids can use their creativity and arrange the tissue paper pieces however they like.

8. After your kid is finished decorating the heart suncatcher, cut out another piece of contact paper that is larger than the heart. 

9. Peel off the contact paper backing and lay it on top of the heart. Now your heart with all the tissue paper pieces is sealed between two pieces of contact paper.

Valentine Heart Suncatcher Craft (7)

10. Trim the excess contact paper around the heart.

Valentine Heart Suncatcher Craft (8)

11. Hang the heart suncatcher in a window with tape! 

Valentine Heart Suncatcher Craft (9)

This Valentine’s Day heart suncatcher really brightens up our window! It’s difficult to get a good picture to show you while it’s on our window since the light is shining from the other side. So I took it outside for some pictures to show you how pretty it looks!

Valentine Heart Suncatcher Craft (12)

My son wanted the challenge of designing his own heart so he didn’t use the template. That’s all up to you! My daughter on the other hand wanted everything nice and neat so she took her time to slowly and carefully cut out the heart template.

If your kids enjoyed cutting and ripping up the tissue paper, I recommend checking out the I Love You to Pieces craft! It’s a great Valentine’s Day craft your kids can make to give as a heartwarming present to parents and grandparents.

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