Spinning Elf Christmas Card [Free Printable Template]

Your kids will love making this whimsical DIY spinning Elf Christmas card to give to friends and family for the holidays.

DIY Elf Christmas Card

If you’re looking for a creative and fun Christmas card for your family and friends this year, you’ll love this spinning Elf Christmas card. It’s easy to make and so much fun!

Twist the Elf around the thread several times before giving it to your loved ones. Then when they open the card, the Elf will start spinning for a nice surprise!

Everyone who receives it will have a blast spinning Santa’s helper.

Spinning Elf Christmas Card

Making a handmade card is a time-honored tradition for crafters, but it can be difficult to find something unique year after year. When I saw the spinning elf on this card, I just knew that my children would have fun making them for their teachers this year.

This Christmas card craft is great for family members, a secret Santa, and is even fun to make for yourself! Here’s how you can make your spinning elf Christmas card.

How to Make an Elf Christmas Card

To make this card, you’ll need some supplies from your local craft store. I got everything at Michaels, you should be able to find these supplies somewhere near you. As long as you have some basic crafting supplies, you probably already have everything you need.

Even though these cards look complicated they are actually really easy to make.


  • White cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • White thread
  • Free printable spinning elf Christmas card template (Click on the image at the end of this post to get your download)
Spinning Elf Christmas Card Print Out Templates


Prepare the Christmas Card Template:

First, print both pages of the printable out on cardstock and trim any excess white margins.

Spinning Elf Christmas Card Print Out Templates Trim Edge

Construct the Card Base:

Cut the first page in half along the dotted line. With the printed side down, fold & crease the bottom half, making sure you line up the edges. To get a clean fold I like to run a ruler over the folded part to flatten it.

Spinning Elf Christmas Card Fold Base

Cut out the top patterned rectangle (with the white circle) and apply a small amount of glue to the back left and right edges of the rectangle. Make sure you leave the top and bottom areas glue-free.

Spinning Elf Christmas Card Fold Top Rectangle

Glue the rectangle to the left side of the card, lining up the edges carefully with the blank side facing each other. Trim any overlap if necessary. Allow the glue to dry.

Spinning Elf Christmas Card Glue Top Rectangle to Base

Next, fold and crease the glued together pieces that are on the left side of the card in half backward, forming a Z-shaped fold for the card.

Spinning Elf Christmas Card Bend Card Base

Carefully cut out the circle, while pieces are folded back in half (you will follow the half-circle shape). Cut out both elves, the “Season’s Greetings” circle, and other accessories. 

Spinning Elf Christmas Card Cut Out Circle

Glue the “Season’s Greetings” circle in the center of the right side of the card.

**Note that while we were making the card, “Season’s Greetings” was misspelled on the template. The template has been fixed now with the correct spelling.

Spinning Elf Christmas Card Glue Seasons Greeting's Circle on Base

Cut 8 inches of clear thread, thin white thread, or fishing line. Center the piece of thread in the middle of an elf pattern on the blank side. Glue this in place.

Spinning Elf Christmas Card Glue String on Elf

Glue the other elf pattern directly on top, carefully lining up the edges. Allow the twine to dry.

Spinning Elf Christmas Card Assemble Elf

Carefully open the unglued sections of the top left card, at the top & bottom of the circle cut-out space.

Spinning Elf Christmas Card Open Top and Bottom

Place the thread from each end of the elf through these holes.

Spinning Elf Christmas Card Place Thread Through Top and Bottom

While keeping thread taut on each end, place a small amount of glue in the holes and press together, with thread inside.

Spinning Elf Christmas Card Glue Thread

For added security, wrap each thread end to the back of the card and into the back crease. Add some glue and secure the thread by pressing the crease back together. Allow to dry and trim extra thread.

Spinning Elf Christmas Card Fold Card

Arrange the decorative template patterns on the card and glue them in place. Don’t forget you can also decorate the backside of the card!

Spinning Elf Christmas Card Glue Decorations

To make the elf spin, twist it in one direction several times. Close the card and then open it back up. The elves just spin as they open the holiday card, it’s really fun!

Spending time together crafting is always fun, so enlist the whole family to help with this fun project. Put on some holiday music, make some cocoa, and have fun making these spinning elf Christmas cards!

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