How to Make a Wizard Hat [Free Template]

Learn how you can make a wizard hat out of paper with supplies you already have at home with this fun craft. Your kids will love wearing their wizard hat and perform magic!

Paper Wizard Hat

After reading The Sword in the Stone, my kids are all about magic and wizards. After all, without Merlin, the most powerful wizard in the world, the little boy named Arthur would never have become the king that led the Knights of the Round Table.

No wizard would be complete without a wizard hat! And you can make one easily out of construction paper or cardstock so your kids can pretend play at home or wear it as part of their Halloween costumes. Your kids can decorate it in whatever way they wish to make the wizard hat either magical or downright spooky.

Below you will find instructions on how to make a regular-size cone hat. It’s super easy with the free printable template! Then simply follow the step-by-step tutorial to attach the brim and add decorations to create your very own DIY wizard hat.

How to Make a Wizard Hat Out of Paper


Instructions for the Wizard Hat Craft:

1. Make a Cone Hat

Select a colored cardstock for the hat. We decided to use a dark blue cardstock, but you can also use black or dark purple paper.

Trace the cone hat template pattern on the cardstock and cut it out with scissors. If you wish to make a bigger hat, simply adjust the scale when you print to more than 100%. You may need to use a larger size paper than the standard 8.5″x11″ printer paper.

Trace and cut the hat band and moon and stars out of gold cardstock to decorate the wizard hat. If you happen to have moon and stars stickers at home, you can use them instead.

Wizard Cone Hat Template Patterns

Roll the cone template cutout and adjust the shape so that the round, open end of the cone matches the circumference of the yellow circle inside the brim pattern.

Apply glue along the seams. Press along the seams from the inside of the cone and allow the glue to dry completely.

Wizard Cone Hat Roll the Cone

2. Attach the Hat Brim

Place the cone in the center of the round brim and use a pencil to trace around the cone circle on the brim. This will guide you to cut the tabs around the center circle of the brim.

Use scissors to cut tabs around the middle circle of the brim. The slits should not cross the circle that you traced with the pencil.

Wizard Cone Hat Brim Make Tabs

Fold up the tabs and apply glue on the outer sides of the tabs.

Wizard Cone Hat Brim Apply Glue on Tabs

Place the cone in the middle of the brim. The tabs should be inside the cone. Carefully press the tabs against the inner surface of the cone and allow the glue to dry completely before flipping the hat back over.

Wizard Cone Hat Glue Tabs to Cone

3. Decorate the Wizard Hat

Glue the moon and star cutouts along with the gold band on the wizard hat. You can even apply glue on the cutouts and sprinkle gold glitter on them to make the wizard hat more magical!

Decorate Wizard Hat

You are done with the wizard hat! Now you can wear it around and cast spells with a magic wand. How fun!

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