Father’s Day Coupon Book [Free Printable]

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Father’s Day is coming up, and we are looking forward to celebrating the man who has been working so hard to keep us safe and happy. Instead of spending money on something material, we decide a Father’s Day coupon book would be the perfect present. 

This FREE printable coupon book gives your kids the option to write the tasks they would like to gift daddy. The coupon can be redeemed anytime daddy wants – there is no expiration date!

Father's Day Coupon Book Printable Finished Book

How to Assemble the DIY Father’s Day Coupon Book

  1. Print out the Father’s Day coupons. I recommend using cardstock paper if you have them around to make the coupon book more professional looking.
    Father's Day Coupon Book Printable Pages
  2. Cut out the individual coupons and the cover.
    Father's Day Coupon Book Cut Outs
  3. Fill in what the coupons are redeemable for in the spaces provided. 
  4. Stack them up nicely with the cover on top.
  5. Punch two holes in the black border.
    Father's Day Coupon Book Hole Punch
  6. Tie the coupons together with a ribbon. You can staple the edges together as well if you don’t have a hole punch.
    Father's Day Coupon Book Printable Product
  7. When redeeming a coupon, CUT each coupon out. Ripping the coupon out may damage the rest of the coupon book.

This is a great opportunity to discuss with your kids what they are willing to do for daddy. You can also use this occasion to teach your kids how to do chores around the house that they might have been so enthusiastic about before. They will learn to appreciate what their parents do for them on a daily basis and perhaps even want to pitch in more often around the house.

Here is a list of fun and helpful ideas for the Father’s Day coupons:

  • Breakfast in bed
  • One car wash
  • One bathroom cleaning
  • Vacuum the whole house
  • One afternoon nap 
  • Extra big hugs 
  • One movie night
  • One back massage
  • Help with laundry
  • One hour of peace and quiet
  • 24 hours without whining
  • One morning to sleep in as late as he wants
  • Help with cleaning the garage
  • One chore-free day
  • One week off trash duty
  • 2 Hours of uninterrupted video game time
  • Help with yard work
  • 30 minutes of snuggle time with daddy

I hope daddy loves the Father’s Day coupon book and will enjoy the redeemable coupons for months to come. That is unless he wants to use it all in one day! 


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