30 Day Drawing Challenge [Free Printable Calendar]

Incorporate art in your homeschool or school classroom with this 30-day drawing challenge for kids. Your kids will love the creative art prompts to build their drawing skills.

30 Day Drawing Challenge Mockup (1)

Drawing is such a wonderful way for your children to show all their imagination on paper. I love watching my kids draw because they see things in such different ways than we do as parents.

My son is very technical, meaning that he likes to draw what he sees in very fine detail. My daughter, on the other hand, likes to reason through her drawings and likes to play with reality.

For example, if you ask my kids to draw a family portrait, you will find my son drawing drawing everyone’s features and proportions to the best of his abilities. Then you look at my daughter’s drawing, and she would draw herself as the tallest one in the family, then her brother, then daddy, and then mommy as the shortest. She would think her drawing is hilarious and laugh about it all day.

Not only is drawing excellent for kids to express their creativity, it’s also good for your kids’ hand-eye coordination, concentration, and fine motor skills. It allows young kids like toddlers and preschoolers who are not very verbal yet to transfer their emotions and thoughts on paper.

I have for you a fun 30 Day Drawing Challenge that can be used for kids of all ages. Even adults can participate in this challenge, so you can do it alongside your children. This drawing challenge is perfect for your little art lovers and you can easily incorporate it into your homeschool art curriculum.

30 Day Drawing Challenge Ideas

30 Day Drawing Challenge Mockup

Drawing challenges are great for kids to learn how to draw and giving them ideas of what to draw. Here are the drawing prompts included in this challenge, but feel free to switch them out to fit your children’s interests.

  1. Favorite Animal
  2. Favorite Place
  3. Your House
  4. Yourself
  5. Sports
  6. Family Picture
  7. Monster
  8. Doodle
  9. Plant
  10. Vehicle
  11. Vacation Spot
  12. Imaginary Creature
  13. Something Futuristic
  14. Your Hand
  15. A Good Childhood Memory
  16. Comic Strip
  17. Zodiac and Chinese Sign
  18. Proudest Moment
  19. Your Phobia
  20. Hobby
  21. Scenery
  22. Your Room
  23. Favorite Food
  24. Favorite Movie
  25. Mermaid
  26. Your Best Friend
  27. Shoes
  28. You as a Superhero
  29. Someone You Love
  30. Anything You Like
30 Day Drawing Challenge Calendar Sample

I also included a blank calendar so you can write in your own 30 day drawing challenge ideas for your kids. You can print multiple pages of the 30-day challenge and have a theme for each month. For example, February can be a month of things your kid loves, and January can be all the things related to winter.

How to Download the 30 Day Drawing Challenge Calendar

To grab your free printable 30 Day Drawing Challenge calendar, simply fill out the form below. The PDF file containing both the drawing prompts as well as the blank calendar will be delivered to your email.

I suggest giving your children very little guidance when it comes to what to draw and how to draw. Let your kid come up with the answer to the drawing prompts. Then they get to choose their favorite drawing tool to complete their drawing. My kids like to use a pencil to outline everything because you can erase it if needed. Then they will color everything in with coloring pencils.

Happy drawing!

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