Wood Slice Painted Christmas Ornaments

Wood slice Christmas ornaments are adorable and so easy to make! Kids can have a lot of fun painting on the wood slices. In this tutorial, I will show you how to make a wood slice Christmas tree ornament. Following the same process, you can make whatever wood slice ornament you want!

Round wood slice design filled with Acrylic paint

Ideally, you want to get a wood slice with a hole. However, if your wood slices do not have a hole, you can just use a drill to make a small hole near the top. Another option is to simply tape a piece of string to the back of the wood slice.

This wood slice ornament is the perfect DIY craft for the holidays! Your kids will love using their creativity to hand paint these rustic wood log slices.

How to Make Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments


Pencil and colours for draw Acrylic paint


1. Select the wood slice you would like to paint and clean the surface.

2. Apply a coat of white paint for the base coat. You don’t have to use white as the canvas – you can use a different color of your choice.  

Round wood slice (with a hole)

3. Use a pencil to draw a pattern of your choice on the white pained wood slice. For this ornament, we’re drawing a simple Christmas tree.

Round wood slice pencil draw

4. Paint the main pattern first. For this ornament, we applied green paint to fill the tree shape. Allow the green paint to dry completely.

Round wood slice design fill with Acrylic paint

5. Use a smaller brush to paint the round ornaments on the tree. If you want to be fancy, you can glue pom-poms to the tree instead of painting the small ornaments!

Round wood slice designs fill with Acrylic paints

6. Add the small details carefully and allow them to dry before going for the next step.

Round wood slice designs fill with multiple Acrylic paints

7. Fill the star shape with paint as well and allow it to dry. You can paint a thin border around the ornament using a different color. Allow the painted border to dry completely.

Round wood slice christmas tree designs fill with multiple Acrylic paints

8. Once the paint is completely dry, insert a small piece of string through the hole of the wood slice and tie a knot with the open ends of the string.

Round wood slice christmas tree String or twine

Your kids will be so proud to display these wood slice crafts on your Christmas tree. Try painting wrapped gifts, bells, arctic animals, or even Santa!

Round wooden slices


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