Free Printable Thanksgiving Word Search

This free printable Thanksgiving word search is the perfect activity to keep your kids entertained while you prepare dinner and help them learn about this American holiday.

Thanksgiving Word Search Mockup

Are you looking for a fun Thanksgiving activity that will keep your little ones happy and engaged? Look no further! We’ve created a word search puzzle that you can enjoy with family and friends this holiday season.

This free printable Thanksgiving word search is a great way to get your kids in the mood for Turkey Day. The words are all related to Thanksgiving and it’s fun for them to find the words on this printable. You can grab this freebie below!

You can also use this Thanksgiving word search puzzle to teach your kids vocabulary about the holiday. Since the word search requires your kids to find the words letter by letter, it’s also a great tool to improve your kids’ spelling skills.

How to Use the Thanksgiving Word Search

The idea of a word search is to find words hidden in a grid. In this Thanksgiving word search, the words are placed in all directions, written from left to right, from right to left, vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. All the words are on one straight line, and the words might be interlinked (cross at letters).

If you are having trouble finding the words, try going through the puzzle from left to right, looking for the first letter of the word. After you find the letter, then look at the 8 letters immediately around it to see whether or not any of them matches up with the second letter of the word. If so, continue in the same direction to see if the entire word is there.

There are several ways to use this Thanksgiving word search puzzle:

  • Cooperative Game: Gather with your friends and family and find all the words together.
  • Compete in Teams: Divide the group into two teams. The team members take turns finding words and pass the puzzle to the next teammate only after they located the word they were targeting to find. The team that finds all the words first wins!
  • Race Aginst the Timer: Print out a Thanksgiving word search for everyone who wants to paricipate. Set a timer to a predetermined time. When the timer starts, everybody has to find as many words as they can. The person who finds the most words when the timer goes off wins!
Free Printable Thanksgiving Word Search

Free Printable Thanksgiving Word Search

There are 15 Thanksgiving-themed words to find in this word search puzzle, including:

  • CORN
  • PIE
  • FALL

The downloadable PDF file includes the Thanksgiving word search puzzle as well as the answer key. No peeking at the answers unless you run out of options and are truly stuck!

You can print the Thanksgiving word search on a 8.5″x11″ printer paper. If you want to reuse the word search, you laminate it and use a dry-erase marker to circle the words. To clear the board for the next person, simply wipe off the marker with a cloth or tissue. If you notice that there are ink residue left behind, then you can wet the tissue with a little bit of water and try again.

Click on the image below to download the free PDF copy of the word search. You can print as many copies as you need for personal or classroom use. If your coworker or friend would like a copy, please direct them to this post.

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