Green Naked Eggs and Ham Science Experiment

Naked Green Eggs and Ham Science Experiment

Celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday with this fun and amazing naked green eggs and ham science experiment! Your kids will love bouncing the egg on a plate and watching it explode!

Bone in Vinegar Experiment Bend the Bone

Bone in Vinegar Science Experiment

Your kids will feel like Superman when they discover that they can bend bones in this Bone in Vinegar Science Experiment. With only a few materials plus bones from dinner, you can make your kids feel like they have super strength!

Growing Seeds in Cotton Balls at Home

How to Grow Seeds in Cotton Balls at Home

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to grow seeds in cotton balls at home. You can do this science experiment any time, and your kids will love watching the seeds go through the plant life cycle.

Life Cycle of a Plant

Plant Life Cycle for Kids [Free Worksheets]

From a single seed to blossoming flowers, understanding the life cycle of a plant will teach kids to appreciate beautiful flowers and the fruits and vegetables we eat. The free printable worksheets will get your kids started on this fun science lesson!

Squeeze Drops of Water on Penny

Drops of Water on a Penny Science Experiment

Discover how many drops of water fits on a penny in this simple and easy science experiment. Your kids will be shocked at how many drops of water can a penny hold due to surface tension!

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