Worms in a Jar

How to Make a Worm Farm in a Jar

Making a worm farm in a jar is a fun and easy way to teach kids about the importance of earthworms and how they help improve soil health. Earthworms are an important part of a soil ecosystem. From building a worm habitat to observing how worms create compost, studying earthworms makes a fascinating biology lesson …

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DIY Rain Gauge Outside Collecting Rain

How to Build an Easy DIY Rain Gauge

Learn how to build a simple DIY rain gauge at home from a plastic bottle. Leave it outside the next time it rains to measure the precipitation in your area.

Straw Wrapper Worm Science Experiment

Wriggly Straw Wrapper Worm Experiment

The straw wrapper worm or caterpillar is a fun and easy science experiment. Your kids will love watching the “worm” grow right in front of their eyes.

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