Whipped Cream in Bowl

The Science of Whipped Cream

When it comes to introducing kids to food science, whipped cream is the perfect place to start. Like magic, heavy cream transforms from a liquid into a solid within minutes. We have made homemade whipped cream many times, and every time the kids are amazed. Below you will find explanations on how heavy cream magically

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Tooth Decay Eggshells Experiment

Do your kids resist brushing their teeth? After this tooth decay experiment with eggshells, they might run to clean their teeth after a meal! Eggshells have a similar chemical composition to tooth enamel, so they react similarly to other chemicals. In this tooth decay experiment, we will explore what stains tooth enamel and what breaks

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Salt Vibration Sound Experiment

The concept of sound waves is not the easiest to teach to kids. For light, you can do experiments like the reversing arrow or the disappearing water trick to show refraction. There are numerous experiments, like the balloon-powered LEGO car, to show motion. But you can’t see sound waves because they are vibrating so fast.

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