Dry Ice Science Experiments

Cool Dry Ice Experiments for Kids

Your kids will love playing with dry ice! Check out these fun dry ice experiments for kids that will help your kids learn about the solid form of carbon dioxide.

DIY Stethoscope for Kids

Simple DIY Stethoscope for Kids

The heart is arguably one of the most important organs you need in the human body to survive. It pumps blood throughout the body, supply oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, and remove carbon dioxide and other wastes.  With a simple DIY stethoscope, your kids can listen to each other’s heartbeats. This is a fun …

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Q Tip Skeleton on White

How to Make Q-Tip Skeletons

Your kids will have love learning about the human skeletal system by building it with Q-tips. This Q-tip skeleton craft also doubles as a Halloween craft! The head bone’s connected to the neck bone, the neckbone’s connected to the backbone … who doesn’t know the famous Dem Bones children’s song? And that’s the song we …

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