The Dancing Raisins Experiment

Some days, nothing seems to amuse the kids. New toy? Bored with it 5 minutes later. Arts and crafts? Nah, been there done that. That’s why I am thankful for science experiments like the dancing raisins experiment that is quick and easy to set up.  There are two ways to make the raisins dance. You …

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Pretty Coffee Filter Fall Leaves Suncatcher

Coffee Filter Fall Leaves Craft for Kids

Fall leaves are some of the prettiest things you’ll see this year. With a few supplies from your kitchen, you can create beautiful coffee filter fall leaves that you can use to decorate your house for the season.

Gravity-Defying Water Spin

Centripetal Force on a Spinning Cup

Can you flip a cup of water upside-down over your head without getting soaked? Seems impossible, right? That’s what my kids thought at first, and imagine their faces when they were proven wrong! In this gravity-defying experiment, you can perform the impossible with a simple physics trick. We will explore the concept of centripetal force …

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Microwave Marshmallow Experiment 50 Seconds

Marshmallow in the Microwave Experiment

This tasty edible science experiment explores what happens when you heat marshmallows. Your kids will love this delicious marshmallow in the microwave experiment.


How to Make Penny Spinners

Learn how to make a penny spinner with cardboard in a couple of steps. This easy-to-make penny spinner is a great game to keep kids busy! Who here have tons of Amazon boxes laying around their house? I sure have way more than I would like. So I am on a mission to find DIY …

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