Density of Apple Parts Float

The Density of Apple Parts Experiment

What parts of the apple will float or sink? Learn about the density of apple parts with this easy experiment that will let your kids discover whether the core, skin, and core of an apple will float in water.

Apple 5 Senses Experiment Example

5 Senses Apple Activity [Free Printable]

Learn about the 5 senses with your preschooler with this simple apple and five senses activity! It comes with a free worksheet that your kid can fill out with their observations.

Apple Float or Sink Experiment (2)

Apple Boats: Apple Sink or Float Experiment

Apple boats are fun and easy to make. Most importantly, they let you discover whether or not an apple will sink or float in water. This is a great STEM activity for the fall!

Blooming Paper Flowers Unfold

Magical Blooming Paper Flowers Experiment

This blooming paper flowers experiment will make your kids believe in science magic! They will love watching the paper flowers open by themselves when placed in the water.

Oreo Cookies Moon Phases on Paper Plate

Oreo Cookie Moon Phases Activity [Free Worksheet]

Learn the different phases of the moon by using one of your child’s favorite snacks – Oreo cookies! This Oreo cookie moon phases activity comes with a free printable worksheet for your kid to learn the names of the moon phases.

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