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30+ Creative Paper Plate Craft Ideas for Kids

Paper plate crafts for kids are always a fun way for them to get crafty and creative. They are also a great way to throw in some learning and can be used as a great educational tool for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Here are 30+ simple paper plate crafts for kids.

Dear Santa Letter Coloring Sheet (1)

Letter to Santa Coloring Page Printable

This printable letter to Santa doubles as a coloring page for kids to decorate. This is a fun, interactive way for your kids to write a letter to Santa Claus this Christmas!

Snowman Crafts for Kids Collage

20+ Easy Snowman Crafts for Kids

Snowman crafts for kids are perfect for the winter or for the holidays. Crafts are a great way for children to get crafty and they can also be educational. Learning as they go, snowman crafts are the perfect hands-on activity that will help them practice their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, color recognition, and other …

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Thankful Turkey Coloring Craft (6)

Thankful Turkey Thanksgiving Craft

Sometimes, our kids are too busy thinking “I want [this]” and “I want [that],” especially in a toy store! Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to teach your kids about gratitude. With this thankful turkey craft, your kids can reflect on what they have, both material and immaterial. Materials: Thankful Turkey Craft Template Cardstock paper Scissors …

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Density of Apple Parts Float

The Density of Apple Parts Experiment

What parts of the apple will float or sink? Learn about the density of apple parts with this easy experiment that will let your kids discover whether the core, skin, and core of an apple will float in water.

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