Paper Snowflake Template (Free Printable)

Snowflakes are beautiful crystals that come in various shapes and sizes. Use these free printable snowflake templates with your kids to make your own snowflakes this winter!

Paper Snowflake Template Free Printable

Winter is coming and with it, the chilly weather that we all love. Kids love building snowmen, making snowballs, and making snow angels.

One of the main symbols of this season is the snowflake. These beautiful ice crystals come in all shapes and sizes, and these free printable snowflake templates will allow you to cut pretty snowflakes out of paper.

Paper Cutting Crafts for Kids

Paper cutting crafts are a great way for kids to express their creativity. One of the most popular paper cutting crafts is the paper snowflake. This craft is perfect for kids because it’s easy to do and the results are always stunning.

To make a paper snowflake from the free printable, start by cutting out the square outline with the fold lines. Then continue folding the paper by following the diagrams at the top of the page.

Once you finish folding, use a sharp scissor to make cuts into the paper following the dotted line. Be careful not to cut yourself!

Once you’ve made your cuts, unfold the paper and see your beautiful paper snowflake! If your kid is new to paper cutting, I suggest starting with a simpler snowflake template.

Snowflakes Are Unique

There are many different types of snowflakes, and no two snowflakes are exactly alike. This is because a snowflake is made up of different ice crystals that form in different patterns. The shape of a snowflake is determined by the temperature and humidity conditions where it forms.

Despite this, all snowflakes have some similarities. All snowflakes have 6 regular sides or arms due to the way in which they form. Snowflakes typically have symmetrical shapes, with each side looking like a mirror image of the other.

How Do Snowflakes Form?

Snowflakes form when water droplets freeze. These droplets can come from either clouds or fog. The water droplets start to freeze when they are in the air and as they get colder, they grow into ice crystals.

The shape of the snowflake is determined by the temperature and humidity of the air, as well as the winds. The colder it is, the more likely the snowflakes will be shaped like hexagons and have thinner, more delicate arms. The higher the humidity, the more elaborate the snowflakes will be.

The way that the snowflake falls also determines its shape. If it falls straight down, it will be a long and thin snowflake. If it is buffeted by the wind, it will be a more rounded snowflake.

Making Your Own Snowflake Template

If you want to make your own snowflake template, you can use a simple drawing. Draw a hexagon on a piece of paper and then draw six lines coming off of the points of the hexagon. You can then use this template to make snowflakes out of paper or trace the shape with glitter glue.

You can also make a snowflake stencil out of cardboard. Cut out a hexagon and then cut out six tabs on the outside of the shape. You can then use this stencil to trace snowflakes onto paper or paint it for sturdy winter decoration.

Finally, you can make an impressive snowflake by using the free printable download below. All you need is to pick your favorite snowflake template, use your scissors to cut the shape, and any supplies you want to use to decorate your snowflake.

You can then print out as many snowflakes as you like and use them to decorate your home for the winter season.

No matter how you make your own snowflake template, it will be a great way to get into the winter spirit.

Paper Snowflake Template Free Printable

Download Snowflake Template Printable Here

If you want to make your own snowflake, you can use this snowflake template PDF. These are simple designs that you can print out, fold, and trace the shape of the snowflake stencil with your scissors to get a unique frozen masterpiece!

In the 14-page snowflake template set, you’ll find so many beautiful choices for creating your perfect snowflake. You can find the style of the snowflake at the top left corner of each page.

Here are some of the snowflake templates included in this template set:

Paper Snowflake Template Simple
Paper Cutting Craft Snowflake Template
Paper Cutting Snowflake Template
Paper Snowflake Template Easy
Paper Snowflake Template Intricate

The stencils come in different sizes, with intricate and simple designs, and even some that are perfect for Christmas snowflakes!

To get your free snowflake template set, just click the link below and print out the PDF. Then follow the simple instructions to make a gorgeous snowflake of your own!


Free Snowflake Template Printable

We hope you enjoy making your own snowflakes this winter! Be sure to share your photos with us on our Facebook page. Merry Christmas!

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