A Letter to My Daughter on Her Third Birthday

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To my precious daughter, here are my 3rd birthday wishes to you that I hope will come true and that you remember forever in your heart.

happy birthday to my daughter

To my sweet little girl,

Happy third birthday! I guess you are not so little anymore. THREE! I can’t believe it has been 3 years since you entered the world.

Right now, you are absolutely obsessed with Elsa and Minnie. Every time we get into the car, you demand that mommy put on the Frozen soundtrack. You sing at the top of your lungs, especially “First Time in Forever” (which you call the “she is getting friends!” song) and of course, “Let It Go.” And every time we go to Disneyland, you are on the hunt to meet Minnie.

You have achieved so much in 3 years. The past year, you have started going to school, and learning so much that it makes my mind spin. You can recite part of the multiplication table and ancient Chinese poems and can pretty much write your first name (we will work on the Z, no worries). You love singing and dancing and have no problem performing on stage. Recently, you have taken an interest in art and can draw for hours.

But what makes you so, so special is not the academic achievements. It’s your personality and who you are. I don’t want you to ever forget that …

You are Independent.

Ever since you started to gain more control over your hands and develop fine and gross motor skills, you want to do everything by yourself. I remember you were cutting your own nails and putting on your own clothes before 18 months. And your sense of independence just got stronger as you got older.

Now at 3, you are more determined to be independent than ever. Every morning you get up, you take off your diaper and pajamas and change into your day outfit before mommy even gets out of bed. You get into the car when we go out and buckle yourself in, including pulling the seat belt tight. At bedtime, you insist on putting on your own diaper before throwing on your pajamas.

You constantly surprise us with how much you can do. It’s no wonder you are so independent and are able to do things by yourself, as …

You are persistent.

You do not give up easily. If you really want to achieve something, you will keep going until you finish what your mind is set out to do.

This means that mommy sometimes needs to wait for you for half an hour to figure out how to put a bead through a string. Or sit on the floor panicking that we are late while you figure out how to tie mommy’s shoelaces.

But you can do it. I know you can. As long as you go the limit, you can do whatever you desire, because …

You are strong.

There is no wonder most people think you are 4 years old. You are jumping off a jump board and grabbing on to the high bar and swinging like a monkey all by yourself. You dare to climb way too high for mommy’s comfort on the playground. You have no problem running full speed and throwing yourself off the ledge into the foam pit.

Not only are you strong physically but also mentally. Because …

You know what you want.

Ever since you were a baby, you knew what you want, and you would not stop until you get it. I remember even before you turned one, you have your own preferences and would not let us convince you otherwise.

Does this make it easy for me as a mom? Nope. But I admire you for this and want you to always go after your dreams. I will be there every step of the way to support you.

It’s your life. You should live it to the fullest, no matter what others tell you. But at the same time …

You are sweet.

You are so sweet, my teeth hurt. I love when you cup my face in your hands and just look in my eyes and smile and kiss me. I love you throwing your arms around me for the biggest hug ever for no reason at all. And I love how no matter how much he picks on you, you will try and cheer your big brother up when he is sad.

It’s no wonder you are sweet, because …

You love with all your heart.

I can see the love in your eyes. I can feel the love in your kisses. And I can see you love your brother and your father as well so, so much.

3 years have passed by fast. But you are still my little girl.

I am going to treasure every time you take my hand and look up at me with your big eyes because I know that one day, you are going to let go.

I am going to kiss you as much as possible because one day, you will no longer want those kisses.

And I am going to love you forever because one day, you will need my love to get through difficult times.

Stay true to yourself because you are perfect the way you are, and one day, you will achieve your dreams.

But for a little while longer, stay small for mommy. Pretty please?

Wishing you the happiest 3rd birthday!

Your Mommy

A Letter to My Daughter on her Third Birthday

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