Feed Your Kid Ice Cream for Dinner Without Guilt!

Have a picky eater who only wants ice cream for dinner? I am telling you that it’s okay, go ahead and let your kid have ice cream for dinner! But not any old ice cream – check out these healthy ice cream recipes!

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Have you ever said this, or heard one of your mom friends say this? “My kids won’t eat anything for dinner! I finally give in and give them ice cream so they don’t starve!”

Dealing with picky toddlers is indeed one of the most frustrating things on the planet. You can spend hours in the kitchen, whipping up a meal fit for kings and queens, and most likely they won’t even eat a bite of it. Or worse, they will eat one bite and spit it out as if you just fed them rotten, moldy food.

So, I can understand the desperation that leads some parents to feed their children ice cream for dinner.

And I am telling you, IT’S OKAY, GO AHEAD.

I first tasted banana ice cream when one of my neighbors made it for me. I thought she meant banana-flavored ice cream, and I finished the whole bowl before she told me that the ice cream itself was made only from bananas. I was flabbergasted! The texture and taste are just like those of soft-serve ice cream!

I am not exaggerating. And this is coming from me, someone who, prior to my pregnancy, ate a bowl of ice cream every single day. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, my husband and I had to have a bowl of ice cream every night after dinner for several years while watching Netflix. We made our own too, so we consider ourselves some kind of ice cream aficionados. But this banana ice cream…fooled us big time.

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There are two reasons why I could not wait to tell my friends about this “ice cream” recipe:

  1. To make the base, you really need just two things – frozen bananas and milk. How healthy is that! You can even get away with just frozen bananas, but my blender needs a little bit of liquid in order to break down all the frozen bananas. Trust me, make the base and taste it before you add any additional ingredients. You won’t be disappointed.
  2. You can customize the ice cream with whatever you want! The favorite in the Boiron household is peanut butter, banana ice cream, and all you do is add 2-3 tablespoons of your favorite peanut butter in with the bananas and blend everything together. How easy is that?

The key to this recipe is to freeze the bananas right when they are just turning ripe. Over-ripe bananas will start to brown, which makes the ice cream look unattractive (and as humans we eat with our eyes first), and the bananas start to develop a caramelized flavor.

I usually visit the grocery once a week and purchase a hand of bananas (I know, a hand of bananas, not a bunch. How weird is that? I guess they do look like fingers?), let it sit and ripen, and once I start to see hints of brown spots I cut them up and put them in the freezer. That should make enough ice cream to last the week, and then the next week I repeat the process. I don’t give my kids ice cream every day, just a couple of days per week as a treat.

My fellow blogger Alison Rost of Veggies by Candlelight posted her recipes of different flavors of banana ice cream using coconut milk instead of cow milk. You can really use any milk you like to make the ice cream. I even used this ice cream recipe to make an ice cream birthday cake for my son for his 3rd birthday! To see more yummy photos of her banana ice cream and recipes for different flavors of banana ice cream, visit:

Banana Ice Cream – 4 Easy (and Delicious) Ways

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Now, I am not saying to give up on trying to feed your kids meat and vegetables for dinner. Children should eat a well-balanced meal complete with fruits, vegetables, meat, and some kind of grain. You know, the whole food pyramid and all. But if you are having a difficult day and the children would rather eat dirt off the ground than your fancy dinner, then don’t feel guilty about breaking out the banana ice cream for dinner. There is enough out there for us moms to feel guilty about, and feeding our children bananas for dinner isn’t the worst thing in the world. In fact, I think some of us would consider that a win!

With this healthy banana ice cream recipe, you will feel good about feeding your kids ice cream for dinner! #mombrite #pickyeaters #bananaicecream

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14 thoughts on “Feed Your Kid Ice Cream for Dinner Without Guilt!”

  1. I have never heard of using bananas to make ice cream, sounds like a “healthier” alternative! Maybe not every night, but having ice cream once in awhile isn’t bad.

  2. Awww .. thank-you so much Betty for featuring one of my recipes! You’re the sweetest. While I cook lots of meals that are more elaborate, my favorites are always those that have the simplest of ingredients. Banana ice cream is something we always have in the freezer at the ready. It’s the first thing my grandson reaches for when he comes to visit. Wishing for you a wonderful weekend ahead! x

    1. Thank YOU Alison for such a great recipe with beautiful pictures! My son is just in love with the ice cream and my daughter, who doesn’t eat anything really all day, actually would sit and eat this with me. I will need to try the other flavors one day besides Peanut Butter!

  3. This is somethinv that even i can make! I might actually give it a try!

    PS – i did not know it was a hand of bananas. Now i do and i feel freakin cool about it. Cannot wait to use the term!!

  4. I ought to see this Banana Ice cream for sure , since my son doesn’t eats Bananas & I want to make him eat in some way or the other. He loves Icecream so I guess, this would be perfect for me:)

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