Free Christmas Santa Coloring Pages for Kids

These free printable Christmas Santa coloring pages for kids will help your kids get into the holiday spirit while having lots of fun with colors.

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Kids love to color, and coloring has a lot of benefits for the kids. With Christmas just around the corner, I have for you 6 free printable Santa coloring pages for your kids to enjoy.

Especially for preschoolers, coloring helps with hand strength and fine motor skills and prepares their little hands for holding a pencil for writing. 

Moreover, coloring is a way for kids who are not yet super verbal to express themselves. Let your kids pick their own colors for these coloring pages and be creative – there is no right or wrong when it comes to coloring!

6 Free Printable Christmas Santa Coloring Pages

Instead of spending lots of money on gifts, keep your kids busy during Christmas time with these coloring pages! 

Print out as many copies of these Santa coloring pages as you wish for your kids. They are great to bring to keep your kids entertained while you shop and run holiday errands.

Then after your kids finish coloring them, you can hang them up on the walls for a quick DIY Christmas decoration. You can also help your kids write on the back of the coloring pages and give them to family and friends as Christmas cards.

Click here to download all 6 coloring pages. Pick and choose which ones your kids would like to do, or color them all!

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How to Print the Christmas Coloring Pages

You can print the Santa coloring pages on regular printer paper. If you have specific pages you want to print, you can simply go to the page you want to print, then click on “select page in sidebar” (wording might be different on your computer). The printer then will only print the page you are on at the time.

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