Cotton Ball Penguin Craft [Free Penguin Printable]

This adorable cotton ball penguin craft is easy to make for your preschoolers and kindergartners. With different penguin templates to choose from, your kids will love making this simple winter craft.

Cotton Ball Penguin

Penguins are one of the cutest animals on Earth. They waddle, they slide on their bellies, and they are always black-tie ready. 

Your preschoolers and kindergarteners will love this easy cotton ball craft all about this adorable flightless bird.  

To make this cotton ball penguin craft even easier, you can download the free penguin template for this activity. There are many options in this template and you can choose which one you like depending on your child.

The easiest one requires your child to glue cotton balls on the penguin’s belly and that’s it! The hardest one, which I will demonstrate below, requires you to cut out the body parts from different construction papers to assemble your penguin.

Cotton Ball Penguin Templates

How to Make a Cotton Ball Penguin



1. Cut out the penguin from the Free cotton ball penguin template.

Cotton Ball Penguin Setup

2. Cut out the penguin’s feet. Don’t throw them out, we still need them!

3. Place the penguin’s body on a piece of black construction paper. Trace the outline on the construction paper and cut it out.

Cotton Ball Penguin Trace

3. Place the feet on orange construction paper, trace the outline, and cut them out.

4. Cut out the face and belly of the penguin.

5. Optional: I am using googly eyes and a foam sticker for the penguin’s eyes and beak. If you don’t have these at home, you can use the black and orange construction papers to cut out the penguin’s eyes and beak.

Cotton Ball Penguin Parts

6. Glue the white cutout and the orange feet on the penguin’s body.

7. Glue the cotton balls on the penguin’s face and belly.

Cotton Ball Penguin Glue

8. Glue the googly eyes and stick the foam sticker on the cotton balls. (Just want to note that my son decided a heart-shaped beak was too girly and he wanted to change it to a triangle, so that’s why you see a heart sticker in the pictures above and a triangle beak in the finished product).

Cotton Ball Penguin Done

That’s it! Super easy right? Even the hardest approach to making this cotton ball penguin isn’t too complicated. That’s what makes this craft perfect for the little kids!

Cotton Ball Penguin (1)

If your child likes to color, then I recommend using the same template like the one I used above. But instead of cutting the body parts out of construction paper, just have your child color everything in. Then your kid just needs to glue the cotton balls on and make the penguin’s face.

If you have a very young child, it might be easier to print out the penguin with the face always drawn on. This way, your child can just have fun with glue and cotton balls without worrying about what the eyes and beak.

I hope the cotton ball penguin template was helpful and you and your kid have tons of fun with this cute winter craft!


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