Black Cat Handprint Craft for Kids [Free Template]

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Kids of all ages will love making an easy black cat handprint craft for Halloween and decorating the house with their own spooky creation!

Handprint Black Cat Craft

Black cats have long been associated with witchcraft and bad luck. That’s why they make such great Halloween crafts!

This black cat handprint craft is a fun way to get your kids into the holiday spirit this Halloween. You can pair it with heartwarming tales like The Witch’s Cat or Five Black Cats.

This is also the perfect handprint craft to do every year with your kids and watch the black cat grow as your kids’ hand sizes get bigger.

Halloween Black Cat Craft For Kids


  • Construction paper or cardstock (black, white, pink, and yellow)
  • Pencil
  • Gluestick
  • Scissors
  • Free printable black cat handprint craft template (the download form is at end of the post)
Black Cat Handprint Craft Materials

Getting started with a craft is always the hardest part. Save valuable time by downloading all 8 of the Halloween handprint craft templates in one printable PDF file for a very low price of $1.29!

Halloween Handprint Crafts Bundle


1. Trace your child’s hand on the black paper and cut out the traced handprint. Have your child position his or her hand so that the thumb sticks out to the side. The thumb will be the black cat’s tail.

Black Cat Handprint Craft Cut Trace Hand

2. Download and print out the template. You may need to adjust the printer settings and scale the template bigger or smaller depending on your child’s hand size.

Trace the template patterns on the black, white, pink, and yellow paper as shown. Make sure you trace the thin rectangle (the whisker) 6 times on white paper.

Black Cat Handprint Craft Trace Template Patterns

3. Cut out the traced template patterns.

Black Cat Handprint Craft Cut Traced Patterns

4. Glue the cat’s head to the palm of the handprint cutout, on the opposite side of the thumb,

Black Cat Handprint Craft Glue Head

5. Glue the pink inner ears onto the black ears.

Black Cat Handprint Craft Glue Ears

6. Glue the white mouth and whiskers to the head.

Black Cat Handprint Craft Glue Whiskers and Mouth

7. Glue the pink nose over the top of the mouth.

Black Cat Handprint Craft Glue Nose

8. To assemble the eyes of the black cat, glue the black pupils onto the yellow eyes.

Black Cat Handprint Craft Assemble Eyes

9. Glue the eyes to the face cutout.

Black Cat Handprint Craft Glue Eyes to Face

You are done with the black cat handprint craft! This is such an easy Halloween craft that even preschoolers and kindergarteners can do it. They may just need a little help cutting out the whiskers and the mouth, or you can let them try and work on their fine motor skills.

Halloween Black Cat Handprint Craft

Once your kids learn how to turn their handprints into a black cat, they will probably want to make more than one! You can tape them to windows and doors to make adorable Halloween decorations.

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