Adorable Paper Turkey Bookmark Craft [Free Template]

Looking for a great Thanksgiving craft for kids? This easy turkey bookmark craft comes with a free template and will help your kids save their places in their favorite Thanksgiving-themed books!

Turkey Corner Bookmark Craft

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for all the good things in life. It’s also the perfect time to spend quality time creating festive Thanksgiving crafts with your kids.

This easy paper turkey bookmark craft is not only fun, but it’s also a wonderful gift for friends and family. Kids of all ages will enjoy making this craft, and it’s a great way to get everyone into the Thanksgiving spirit.

After you construct your turkey bookmark, you can use it to read your favorite Thanksgiving books! Here are some of our favorites:

Keep reading for instructions on how to make your own turkey bookmark!

How to Make a Turkey Corner Bookmark

There are two parts to making this turkey bookmark. The first is assembling the paper turkey using the template pieces.

The second part is to make the basic corner bookmark, which I will describe below. You can also check how I made the origami corner bookmark here.

Then all you do is combine the origami bookmark base and the paper turkey and you have a turkey corner bookmark!


  • Construction paper in brown, red, orange, and yellow
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick or craft glue
  • Pencil
  • Black marker
  • Free turkey bookmark template (scroll down to grab your copy)


1. Download and print out the free turkey bookmark template. Cut out all the template pieces and trace them onto the corresponding colored construction paper.

Cut out the traced patterns.

Turkey Bookmark Craft Cut Out Patterns

2. Stack the smaller, orange tail feathers on top of the red tail feathers and glue them together.

Turkey Bookmark Craft Stack Tail Feathers

3. Glue the red snood to the head pattern. Glue the feet cutouts on the bottom side of the body pattern. Make sure that you attach the feet to the back of the body cutout.

Turkey Bookmark Craft Snood and Feet

4. Adhere the beak cutout to the head pattern, slightly overlapping the snood. Attach the two wings on each side of the body.

Optional: Outline the wings with a brown marker to add some extra detail.

Turkey Bookmark Craft Beak and Wings

5. Attach the head pattern to the body, and then attach the tail feathers on the backside. Use a black marker to draw the eyes of the turkey.

Turkey Bookmark Craft Attach Head Tail and Body

6. For the corner bookmark base, take a square piece of paper and lay it flat on the table. When determining the size of the square paper, make sure that after you finish folding the corner bookmark it’s smaller than your paper turkey.

Turkey Corner Bookmark Step 1

7. Fold the paper in half diagonally. Now you have a triangle.

Turkey Corner Bookmark Fold Triangle

8. Fold both sides of the triangle inward and align the two corners with the bottom corner. Press down to make creases.

Turkey Corner Bookmark Fold Corners to Middle

9. Unfold the two sides.

Turkey Corner Bookmark Unfold Both Corners

10. Fold the top layer of the open corner in half and align the corner with the center of the top edge. This will serve as a pocket for the two side corners.

Turkey Corner Bookmark Fold Open Side Up

11. Fold the right side down as you did in step 8.

Turkey Corner Bookmark Fold Right Side Down

12. Fold the triangle along the bottom edge of the pocket and tuck half of it inside.

Turkey Corner Bookmark Tuck Inside Pocket

13. Repeat steps 11 and 12 with the left side.

Turkey Bookmark Apply Glue on Corner Bookmark

14. Attach the paper turkey to the triangle side of the corner bookmark with glue.

Turkey Origami Bookmark Craft

Your turkey bookmark is perfect for keeping your page while you read! This cute Thanksgiving-themed bookmark design will make you smile every time you use it.

If bookmark crafts are not your thing, you can also use the cute paper turkey for other crafts. For example, you can glue it to the front of a Thanksgiving card and write sweet messages inside to give to a friend or family member. You can also use it as fun Thanksgiving decor around the house.

Free Turkey Bookmark Template


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