Thank you letter to my husband for making me believe in myself and making me the best mother I can be.

Yes, I know about the birds and the bees, and no this post is not about that. This is not that type of blog! I am talking about how my husband had unknowingly prepared me and groomed me to be the mom I am today. And there is no better place to start the story than the beginning:

“We are going to dinner tonight.”

That’s how my husband asked me out on our first date, if you could even call that a question. He didn’t even wait until we were alone – He grabbed me while we were walking to our class in the MBA program after we both took a bio-break. My response, “O… kay.” Then I walked away really fast, my face burning hot and beet red, and I kept walking until class started. I sat next to him like we always did, both with smiles on our faces the whole class.

Marc and I were good friends before we started dating, so there were no huge surprises when we became a couple. I didn’t all of a sudden uncover that he was married before, or that he had a secret drug stash somewhere that he was hiding from the DEA.

We were both very studious – Okay fine we were nerds – But we were very different people. As you can tell from the manner in which he asked me out that he was Mr. Honest and Blunt. He was the student that questioned the teacher all the time in class without worrying at all if he was asking anything stupid. In fact, he asked so many questions in one finance class that the day Marc was absent from the class, the professor said, “Well if Marc was here, he would have asked….” Furthermore, he didn’t mind acting goofy or crazy because he didn’t care what other people thought. He exuded confidence, confidence that I lacked.

Let me back up. A few months before Marc and I started dating, I was near the end of a 7-year relationship. Yup, you heard right, seven long years. Without going into specifics, I was in a bad place in my life. I was so insecure that I refused to leave him because I believed that I would never find someone else who would want me. Therefore, I stuck it out even though I was hardly ever happy. I was certain about one thing though – I was not going to be a mom. I could not picture having kids with this guy, and I had come to peace with the fact that I was going to just focus on my career and never have kids.

Therefore, I came into the relationship with Marc with zero confidence. I had no self-esteem about my looks, my personality, or my intelligence. Marc, however, had 100% confidence in me. He told me how beautiful I looked when I just got out of bed; he told me how funny I was when I cracked one of my corny jokes; and he told me how I was one of the smartest people he knew. Moreover, he continuously told me that I could do anything I want to, and I could tell that he believed everything he said.

As we continued to date, my confidence in myself continued to grow. Marc encouraged me to try things that I would have otherwise doubted myself and never endeavored. Because of Marc, I found my love for cooking, and even when I burned the food or put in way too much pepper in the dish, Marc never refused to eat anything I put in front of him. Now, Mr. Honest and Blunt never lied and said that I cooked a delicious dish when I majorly screw up something, but he would always be encouraging and say, “it could be better.” I felt like I could try anything in the world and he would be behind me, supporting me all the way.

After our wedding and honeymoon, we started discussing when we should release the bees for pollination. Unbeknownst to me, I had gained so much confidence in myself and in our relationship that I was ready to jump into motherhood. The concept of having kids with Marc was not scary, but super exciting. I was confident that my children would eat my cooking and rub their tummies and say “yummy!” I was ready to have poop on my hands, to have spit-up on my shirt, and to sleep less than I ever did before. I was ready to take on motherhood because I knew that Marc would support me as a mom as he did with everything else in life.

Thank you, Marc, for always believing in me when I do not believe in myself.

Thank you, Marc, for pushing me to do what I love so that I gain more happiness in my life.

Lastly, thank you, Marc, for making me your wife. When I said, “I do,” I had zero doubt that no matter what life throws at us, we would survive it together. When I peed on a stick and it came back positive, there was no fear in my mind because I knew that you were going to be a great dad and that we were going to be great parents together. You made me who I am today. You made me, first your wife, and now, a mom of two beautiful children.

Have you said “thank you” yet to your significant other for just being who he is?