Easy Pot of Gold Craft [Free Template]

Get ready to teach your kid about Saint Patrick’s Day with this rainbow pot of gold craft. The free template makes this paper craft easy and fun for the little ones!

Pot of Gold Craft

Are you on the hunt for a fun-filled and exciting craft project to keep your preschooler and elementary school kid busy? This St. Patrick’s Day pot of gold craft is just that and more. It involves a bit of cutting and pasting, which is great particularly to sharpen your kid’s motor and fine motor skills.

This easy pot of gold craft is the perfect activity to get your kids interested in St. Patrick’s Day. To celebrate the Irish holiday, you can read fun books such as The Berenstain Bears’ St. Patrick’s Day to introduce your kids to the story and history behind the holiday. After digesting the information and perhaps eating some Irish soda bread, your kids can tackle this paper craft.

Best of all, you don’t even need a lot of fancy supplies and materials to give this holiday craft a try. You just some basic craft essentials you probably already have at home, a printer to print out the free template, and that’s pretty much it!

Ready to go ahead and give it a shot? Read on to discover how to!

How to Make a Pot of Gold Craft


Pot of Gold Craft Supplies


1. Download and print the pot of gold template. Cut out all the template patterns.

2. Trace the template patterns on colored construction paper. We used black for the pot, and rainbow colored papers for each band of the rainbow. The coins are traced on the golden matte paper, and the clouds on white paper.

If you don’t have colored papers at home, you can also have your kids color or paint the template and then use them for the craft. As a substitute for the golden matte paper, you can try applying glue to a sheet of white paper and sprinkling golden glitter over it, or just draw over the paper with a golden marker or golden paint.

Pot of Gold Craft Template Patterns

3. Pick a piece of construction paper as your background or canvas. You can trim it down to any dimensions that would fit the pot of gold with the rainbow and cloud.

Apply glue to the back of the pot. Make sure you keep the top of the pot free from glue as we will be inserting gold coins in the pot later on.

Pot of Gold Craft Apply Glue on Pot

4. Glue the pot on the background paper. You should position it to either the left or right side to allow room for the rainbow and clouds.

Pot of Gold Craft Glue Pot on Paper

5. Glue or simply stick the foam pieces (if they are stickers) to the back of the cloud shapes.

Pot of Gold Craft Foam Pieces on Cloud

6. Glue the small cloud on top of the big cloud.

Pot of Gold Craft Assemble Cloud

7. Start gluing each band of the rainbow to the background paper. You can start from the innermost band (red) or the outermost band (purple). Make sure you leave enough room for all the bands to fit on top of the pot. Don’t worry if the ends of the rainbow are not even as we will be covering them up with the gold coins and clouds.

Pot of Gold Craft Assemble Rainbow

8. Continue until you finish gluing all the bands of the rainbow on the background paper.

Pot of Gold Craft Finish Rainbow

8. Glue the 3D clouds on the open end of the rainbow.

Pot of Gold Craft Stick on Cloud

9. Insert the golden coin cutouts in the pot and a few additional so that the coins cover the end of the rainbow.

Optional: Trace and cut the shamrock template patterns out of green paper and glue them anywhere you like. This additional step makes this rainbow pot of gold craft even more fitting for St. Patrick’s Day!

Pot of Gold Craft Decorate with Shamrocks

Did your little one enjoy working on this pot of gold paper craft? Here are some other fantastic projects you would want to get him to try out the next time he’s bored. They’re perfect for Saint Patrick’s Day! These are again, super easy. need minimal supervision on your end, and are perfect if you have just a few colored papers and other basic craft essentials to work with.

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