15 Easy St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Trap Ideas for Kids

Leprechaun Traps are a fun STEM building activity that incorporates a variety of skills and lots of imagination. Explore these fun and creative Leprechaun Trap Ideas for kids.

Leprechaun Trap Ideas

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about making your own leprechaun trap to see if you can catch a leprechaun sneaking around. Creating unique leprechaun traps is such a fun St. Patrick’s Day activity and a great family tradition.

How do you catch a little, magical fairy who has a knack for getting away? Here are 15 easy and fun leprechaun trap ideas your kids will love. You can use any of these traps as an inspiration and let your kids create their own special trap to catch the leprechaun.

Kids of all ages can make these leprechaun traps. They are colorful and will make the perfect way to entice any leprechaun to his pot of gold. Don’t forget to leave some gold coins or sweet treats as bait!

Leprechaun Trap Ideas for Kids 

Tissue Box Leprechaun Trap from Mombrite

Upcycle an empty tissue box to create a fun leprechaun trap with your kids. The tricky leprechaun can’t resist following the gold coins to the hidden trap door.

Leprechaun Trap Finished

Leprechaun Garden Trap from Messy Little Monster

This leprechaun garden trap is a fun project for kids to do and will have them creating a little garden with a pot of gold inside.

Leprechaun Garden Trap

Rainbow Trap from There’s Just One Mommy

Fun and easy to make, this rainbow trap uses supplies you probably already have at home for an easy leprechaun trap idea.

Rainbow Leprechaun Trap

Rainbow Leprechaun Garden from Hello Wonderful

This festive St. Patrick’s Day garden is a fun way to create a leprechaun trap. It is a colorful trap that kids will love creating.

Rainbow Leprechaun Garden

Green Shoebox Trap from Homeschool Preschool

With a fun rainbow walkway that has gold laid out to entice the leprechaun, this shoebox leprechaun trap is easy and fun.

Green Shoebox Trap

Leprechaun Trap from JDaniel4’s Mom

With a hanging pot of gold, this leprechaun trap is an easy trap that kids of all ages can help make.

Leprechaun Trap

Decorated Leprechaun Trap from Coffee Cups and Crayons

This gold coin leprechaun trap will have kids getting creative as they decorate and draw fun pictures for the holiday.

Decorated Leprechaun Trap

Golden Resort Leprechaun Trap from Moms and Munchkins

No leprechaun will be able to resist this fun and creative golden resort setup. This trap has everything needed to entice any sneaky leprechaun!

Golden Resort Leprechaun Trap

Easy Leprechaun Trap from Mom Wife Busy Life

Another easy leprechaun trap that the kids will love making, this trap only takes a few supplies and can easily be done with kids of all ages.

Easy Leprechaun Trap

Cereal Box Leprechaun Trap from Crafts by Amanda

Using a cereal box and some shiny coins, this easy to make leprechaun trap will have kids patiently waiting to see if they catch the little green guy.

Cereal Box Leprechaun Trap

Golden Slime Trap from Little Bins for Little Hands

The idea behind this slime leprechaun trap is that as the leprechaun is trying to get to the pot of gold, he will get stuck so that you can catch him.

Golden Slime Trap

Under the Rainbow Leprechaun Trap from Fun Money Mom

Creative and fun, this is another trap that no leprechaun will be able to resist! Green, colorful, and shiny, this fun trap is easy to make.

Under the Rainbow Leprechaun Trap

Leprechaun Hat Trap from The Best Ideas for Kids

Easy but fun, this leprechaun trap is made with only a few supplies and uses Lucky Charms cereal as bait to try and catch the leprechaun.

Leprechaun Hat Trap

Paper Roll Leprechaun Trap from The Best Ideas for Kids

Super easy to make, this leprechaun trap is made from a paper roll and a few pieces of construction paper.

Paper Roll Leprechaun Trap

LEGO Leprechaun Trap from Little Bins for Little Hands

Kids will love using LEGOS to create this colorful leprechaun trap that the little LEGO mini-figures will be waiting by to catch the leprechaun.

LEGO Leprechaun Trap from

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