Free Printable Easter Word Scramble

Kids of all ages will love playing this free printable Easter word scramble! It’s perfect for Easter celebrations at home or in the classroom.

Easter Word Scramble Mockup

Word puzzles are fun for kids and are great practice for word recognition and problem-solving. If your child struggle with spelling, playing this Easter word scramble will help motivate him or her to learn to decode words.

This Easter word scramble game includes 16 Easter-themed words to unscramble, such as “BUNNY,” “BASKET,” and “EGGS.” Your kids will love working through the list of mixed up letters while you are busy hiding the eggs or cooking a delicious Easter meal.

How to Play Easter Word Scramble

If your kids never played word scrambles before, they are in for a treat!

All you have to do is look at the letters that seemed to be arranged in a random fashion, and figure out the order in which they belong. For example, the first scrambled word is “YADCN.” You can search for what 5 letter words it could possibly be in the word bank, and then look for which one contains the letter Y. You will realize quickly that the unscrambled word is “CANDY”!

Easter Word Scramble Sample

If you have kindergarteners or first graders who are just learning how to spell, you may want to work through this Easter word scramble with them. You can teach them how to search for the words using the steps described above. This is also an excellent opportunity to discuss the vocabulary in the word bank and teaching your kids what they mean.

However, if your kids are comfortable with spelling, then you can let them do the word scramble independently. If you have one kid, you can set a timer and have him or her race against the clock. If you have multiple kids, they can race against each other to see who can finish the puzzle first!

Easter Word Scramble Featured

How to Download the Free Printable Easter Word Scramble

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