Exciting Weather Card Activity for Kids [Free Template]

This weather card activity is perfect for teaching kids about the weather. The more that they’re familiar with the weather patterns, the more that they’ll love learning about all the elements of the weather as well.

weather card activity for kids

Mother Nature is such a wonderful mystery. Some days the sun is shining and the next day the rain is falling. From a kid’s perspective, they just want to know the weather to see if they’ll be able to get outside and play that day. This is where this weather craft and weather lesson for kids can come in really handy!

Introducing weather to kids at a young age helps them be able to identify various types of weather and learn weather patterns as well. When you add in the weather card activity, there’s a fun element of creativity also.

Since there are so many different types of weather to teach your child, this weather activity for kids can be quite a fun ordeal. Have them start by creating their very own weather patterns which include the sun, clouds, rainstorms, snow, and lightning storms.

How Do You Explain Weather to a Child?

Combining this fun weather craft with an explanation of weather is an awesome way to help your child understand the weather. While the weather is about sunshine and rain, it’s also about wind, rainbows, and beautiful sunrises as well.

Anything and everything that is happening in the sky can be linked back to a shift or change in the weather. This weather activity is a great way to talk about how various weather patterns are formed and what to expect during different seasons in your region.

How to Use Weather Cards to Teach Children About the Weather

Once the cards about the weather are created and talked about, take this fun weather activity and step further. Ask your child how they think a rainbow is formed and have them use two of the weather cards to show you.

If they hold up the sun card and the rain card, they’d be right! The sun and cloud card could technically work, too!

It’s simple weather questions such as the one listed above that’ll help your child start to understand the way that the weather around us is constantly moving and changing.

Teaching Weather to Children with DIY Weather Cards

List of Supplies:

  • Colored construction paper (orange, yellow, 2 shades of blue, and white)
  • Cardstock (I recommend blue for the sky)
  • Glue stick
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • White embossed paper (the embossed paper gives texture for the cloud, but if you don’t have it handy you can simply use white construction or scrapbook paper)
  • Free weather cards craft template


1. Download and print out the weather card templates. Cut out all the pieces.

Pick out the cardstock color and cut it into squares. The squares can be any size as long as they are bigger than the weather pattern templates.

weather card activity for kids

2. Start by tracing the cloud patterns on the white embossed paper.

Use the orange and yellow paper for the sun. Trace the circle on yellow paper and the rays on orange paper.

For the snowflake, use blue for the outer portion and white for the inner portion.

Once all the colors are traced, it’s time to cut out all the shapes.

how to make weather cards

3. For the snowflake pattern, place the snowflake cutout onto the outer pattern. For the sun cut out, place the round pattern in the middle of the zigzag sun rays pattern.

four seasons of weather

4. Glue one white cloud on the card and put several rain drops underneath it.

5. Place 2 of the white clouds on one card and have them slightly overlapping one another. This is going to be the weather card for a cloudy day.

teaching weather to kids

 6. Glue the sun on one card and the snowflake on another card.

weather patterns for kids

I encourage you to keep cutting out and crafting more weather items and gluing them onto cardstock to make more weather cards.

We made a thunderstorm card because when the monsoon season hits here in Arizona, you just see the lightning storm light up the sky. It’s cool to watch when you are far away, but a little scary when you are right in the middle of it!

For the thunderstorm card, trace the cloud pattern on grey paper. Draw a lightening bolt on light orange paper and cut it out. The lightning bolt should look like the letter Z.

Glue the grey cloud on a square cardstock as you did with the other weather patterns. Then glue the thunderbolt on top of the cloud, with 1/2 of the thunderbolt overlapping the cloud and the other 1/2 on the cardstock.

Weather Pattern Cards Craft

With the thunderstorm weather card complete, we have all the weather patterns we experience here in our hometown! You may have other weather cards you want to make, such as a tornado or blizzard.

Have fun teaching the kids about the weather and letting them create their own weather patterns at the same time! Having your preschoolers and kindergarteners create these weather cards will help make the weather patterns much memorable for their growing minds.

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