Vertical Bowling Activity with Plastic Cups

With just a ball and plastic cups, you can have tons of fun with your kid with this vertical bowling activity. This is a great indoor game for kids on days when you are stuck inside!

plastic cup bowling pins down

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One day, I was wasting way too much time on Facebook as usual, when a video showed up with the best party games. Mind you, these games are for adults who are playing after having a few beers, but man, they look fun!

Then I thought … aren’t our kids basically tiny-sized versions of drunken adults?

I mean, think about it. Our little ones are not super coordinated, have trouble walking in a straight line (because they are too excited about life), and often do not make much sense when they talk. See, the same!

Anyhow, one of the games was stacking plastic cups. The game sounds simple enough, but when an adult tries to do it while under the influence, creating a plastic cup pyramid all the sudden becomes very difficult.

So, I tried it out on my 2-year-old!


Plastic Cup Indoor Bowling Activity


  • Plastic cups (I prefer the mini cups for their little hands)
  • A ball
  • Painter’s tape (optional)


  1. Show your kid how to stack the cups. I like to have my kid put a few cups in a row first, and then show her how you can put a cup in between the gap between the two on the bottom row to build up the pyramid.
  1. LET HER DO IT! It might take a very long time, and cups will fall in the process. But think of how good it is for her motor skills and mental development. 
  1. After your kid finishes creating the plastic cup pyramid, have her roll a ball and knock down as many cups as possible!  
roll bowling ball to plastic cups
  1. (Optional) Use the painter’s tape to create bowling lanes to make the game a more authentic bowling experience.

Warning: Your kid will ask to play this over and over again. Really. Until the end of time.

You can choose to keep score for every “pin” that get knocked down if you have more than one kid playing. Or you can have the kid who knocks down the entire pyramid in one shot as the winner.

I hope you and your kids enjoy this simple yet super fun indoor bowling activity. It’s a fun activity to keep in mind for rainy days or snow days!

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