Tooth Fairy Poem and Tooth Fairy Receipt [Free Printable]

These tooth fairy poems and tooth fairy receipt printables are great for kids who are losing their first teeth. Your kids will love leaving their baby teeth and a funny note for the tooth fairy.

Tooth Fairy Poem and Receipt Lost Tooth

My son’s first tooth fell out today, and oh my gosh, I was not prepared. It happened all while he was running around the house, chasing his sister. Then all of a sudden, there was dead silence. And as a mom of two young kids, you know something is wrong when you can hear a pin drop.

I looked over and just saw my son standing there staring at something in his hand. I rushed over and saw the hole in his mouth – his first baby tooth fell out!

Then I saw that the roots are still in his mouth, and I freaked. I tried to smile and act super excited that his first tooth fell out and that he is a big boy now, at the same time dashing upstairs to find my husband. We started researching on the internet while calling the dentist at the same time to make an appointment.

It turns out that when a baby tooth comes out, it’s usually the crown of the tooth minus the roots. Did you know that? I always thought the whole tooth comes out. We are going to see the dentist anyway to make sure everything is fine, but apparently the root is supposed to work itself out.

Now that I am over my heart attack, time to move on to the fun stuff! 


Poem for the Tooth Fairy

Losing the first baby tooth can be scary for our kids. Look at how my son reacted! I thought he saw a ghost! Therefore, we want to make the occasion special and exciting with a visit from the Tooth Fairy!

Legend has it that when children lose one of their baby teeth, they should place it underneath their pillow. During the night when they are asleep, the Tooth Fairy will visit and take the tooth away, leaving behind a small payment.

How cute would it be to attach a Tooth Fairy poem to the container with the tooth? Leaving a note for the Tooth Fairy makes the legend even more magical for the kids. 

Here is one that I created:

Dear Tooth Fairy,

Earlier today my tooth fell out,
To make room for a new one to sprout.
I put it in a container just for you.
Please leave me a present, or two?

If you would like a printable copy of the Tooth Fairy poem, you can download it for FREE here. The Tooth Fairy Poem comes in 4 different colors and fonts. 

Tooth Fairy Poem Blue

Tooth Fairy Receipt

The free Tooth Fairy poem printable also comes with a poem from the Tooth Fairy and a receipt for the baby tooth. You can attach it to the dollar or whatever gift you decide to leave underneath your child’s pillow.

The poem goes like this:

Thank you for your perfect tooth, 
I will add it to my precious collection.
I really love it, and that’s the truth,
Here is something to show my affection.

I love the idea of having a receipt for the baby tooth because you can use it as a keepsake and keep track of when your kid’s baby teeth fall out. It has a place to write the date and the specific tooth that was collected.

Tooth Fairy Poem and Receipt (1)

In case you don’t know the name of the tooth that fell out, here is a Baby Teeth Eruption Chart from the American Dental Association.

Final Thoughts on the Tooth Fairy Poem

I can’t believe how worried I got when I saw my son’s tooth in his hands. Learn from my mistake and do your research ahead of time so you know what to expect when your kid’s first baby tooth falls out. 

Then celebrate when it does! For many children, this is the first sign that they are becoming big kids. After all, their permanent teeth are coming in to replace the baby ones. Make the memories last with a special gift from the Tooth Fairy!

Tooth Fairy Poem and Receipt
Tooth Fairy Poem Pin

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