The Lorax Dr. Seuss Craft for Kids [Free Template]

This adorable The Lorax Dr. Seuss Craft is simple to make for kids. With the free template, your kids will love creating their favorite character from The Lorax book.

The Lorax Craft

My daughter is going through a Dr. Seuss phase, and I am not complaining. Dr. Seuss books like The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham are so fun to read!

The Lorax is a wonderful book that introduces children to environmental issues. After reading the popular Dr. Seuss book, we talked about the importance of trees to our planet, and ways we can save the trees. Reading The Lorax is a great way to celebrate Earth Day as it leads to many teaching opportunities about recycling and saving the forest.

Here is a simple The Lorax Dr. Seuss craft that your kids will enjoy. While doing this paper craft, we made sure to save all the scrap paper and place them in a drawer to use for future crafts. My kids are so proud every time they get to use a scrap paper out of the scrap paper drawer because they know they are helping the environment.

How to Make the Lorax Dr. Seuss Craft



1. Download and print the free Lorax template. Cut out all the template patterns.

2. Trace all the template patterns on colored paper. We used orange construction paper for Lorax’s body, arms, and legs, and yellow for Lorax’s mustache, nose, and eyebrows. For the Truffulas trees, you can pick what colors you would like them to be! The large tuft at the tops is typically red, orange, yellow, pink, or purple.

3. Cut all the template pieces out of the construction papers.

The Lorax Paper Craft Template Patterns

4. Glue the legs to the bottom of the body cutout.

The Lorax Paper Craft Glue Legs

5. Glue the mustache a little above the middle of the body pattern.

The Lorax Paper Craft Glue Mustache

6. Complete the face of the Lorax by gluing the nose above the mustache (with the bottom of the nose slightly overlapping the top of the mustache). Glue the eyebrows near the top of the body pattern.

The Lorax Paper Craft Glue Nose and Eyebrows

7. Glue the arms to the sides of the body.

The Lorax Paper Craft Glue Arms

8. To create the Truffulas, first use a black marker to draw stripes on the tree trunk.

The Lorax Paper Craft Tree Patterns

9. Glue the top of the Truffula tree to the tree trunk. Use the black marker to draw the eyes and mouth of the Lorax. Use the red marker and trace the outer edge of the tuft of the Truffula tree. This step is optional, but just makes the tufts stand out more. If you don’t have a red marker, you can also use the black marker for this step.

The Lorax Paper Craft Lorax Face and Tree

10. Make the other Truffula tree following steps 8 and 9. If you want to make a whole forest of Truffula trees, simply trace the tree template on additional construction papers.

The Lorax Dr. Seuss Craft

How cute is this Lorax paper craft? Your kids will love reading the Dr. Seuss book and making this craft after!

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