Thankful Turkey Thanksgiving Craft

Sometimes, our kids are too busy thinking “I want [this]” and “I want [that],” especially in a toy store! Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to teach your kids about gratitude. With this thankful turkey craft, your kids can reflect on what they have, both material and immaterial.

Thankful Turkey Coloring Craft (10)


Making the Thankful Turkey Craft


1. Download the Thankful Turkey Craft Template and print it out on white cardstock paper.

Thankful Turkey Template Mockup

2. Color the head and body brown, beak and feet orange, and snood red. You can be creative and color the tail feathers in different colors.

Thankful Turkey Coloring Craft

3. Cut out all the pieces of the thankful turkey.

Thankful Turkey Coloring Craft (1)

4. Carefully glue the beak, snood, head, body, and feet together. 

Thankful Turkey Coloring Craft (2)

5. Use the black permanent marker and write down what your kids are thankful for on the feathers. 

Thankful Turkey Coloring Craft (4)

6. Glue the tail feathers on the body so that you can see the words you have written.

Thankful Turkey Coloring Craft (5)

Isn’t the turkey so adorable? We made this craft a few weeks before Thanksgiving and enjoyed seeing it on display around the house along with other fall decorations.

The kids loved showing the turkey to family and friends. This thankful turkey made a great show-and-tell project as the kids were excited to explain the good things in their lives.

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