Paper Bag Minion Craft: Fun Despicable Me Craft for Kids

Your kids will love using this fun paper bag minion craft as puppets to recreate their favorite scenes from Despicable Me and Minions movies.

Minion Paper Bag Crafts

Do your kids love the Despicable Me movies? The minions are easily the best thing about all of the Despicable Me movies, even though we love Gru too. So, we have created a minion paper bag craft that is super easy and fun to make. It’s also a great group activity for the whole family!

It’s perfect for minion craft ideas for birthday parties, family gatherings, or just any day you want to add a fun craft to your family movie night. For this minion paper bag craft, we are making the three main minions, Kevin, Bob, and Stuart. But you can really customize the puppets to any minion of your choice.

The supplies are simple: brown lunch bags, paper, glue sticks, scissors, and a few other things you probably have already. You can print and cut out the pieces or you can encourage scissor skills by letting children cut the shapes out themselves.

Read on to learn how you can create this adorable craft with your kids!

How to Make a Minion Paper Bag Craft


  • Glue stick or school glue
  • Scissors
  • Paper bag
  • Black marker
  • Black string or embroidery floss
  • Tape
  • Colored paper or construction paper (red, yellow, black, white, blue, and brown)
  • Free paper bag minion craft template (click on the image at the bottom of this post for the downloadable file)
Minion Craft Materials


1. Begin by downloading the minion craft template PDF file.

2. Print the PDF on the right colored paper. Follow the instructions at the bottom of each of the page of the template file and use the photo below to double check your shapes and colors.

Cut all the pieces out from the printed paper.

Minion Craft Template Patterns

3. Glue the yellow minion body and head to the bag. Make sure the rounded head piece is glued to the flap, while the body (rectangle) is glued to the main part of the brown paper lunch bag.

Minion Craft Glue Head and Body

4. Glue blue overalls to the body. Depending on which minion you are making, you may want to trim the bottom of the overall and the paper bag to match the height of the minion.

Minion Craft Glue Overall

5. Attach the pocket onto the middle top of the outfit. Glue the two small black buttons to the straps of the overalls, and the last black circle in the center of the pocket. Draw the logo on the pocket with a black marker.

Minion Craft Glue Goggle and Buttons

6. Secure the black strip across the head horizontally. Assemble the goggles by gluing the pupils to the corresponding eye cutouts, and then gluing both onto the corresponding goggle cutouts.

Glue the goggles to the strap on the head cutout. Note that Kevin and Stuart’s goggles overlap slightly.

7. For Kevin, glue the eyelids onto the eyes, matching the curve to the inside of the goggles. You can simply use a black marker to draw a smile on Kevin’s face, but we decided to cut his mouth out of black paper, teeth from white paper, and tongue from red paper. This gives Kevin a slightly annoyed look.

Kevin Minion Paper Bag Craft

For Kevin and Stuart, cut short, varying sized pieces of black string to make silly hair. Poor Bob has no hair.

Stuart Minion Paper Bag Craft

Tape the hair pieces to the back of the head (glue doesn’t hold as well). Kevin’s hair stands up while Stuart’s hair falls down to the sides.

Ideas for Your Minion Paper Bag Puppets

There are many great ways to use these adorable minions. Here are a few ideas:

  • Encourage your kids to use the minion as a puppet to read aloud their favorite Despicable Me story (or any children’s book).
  • Write silly jokes and have the minion puppets “perform” stand up comedy for the family.
  • Print out spelling words and cut the letters apart. Use the puppets to “eat” letters to spell out spelling words for practice.
  • Similar to above, print out reading challenge words and let the minion sound out the words.
Paper Bag Minion Craft Ideas

Despicable Me Minions Party Idea

This minion paper bag craft is an easy and fast craft, which makes it perfect for kids parties where they will have limited time with their guests. You can prepare all the pieces and put them in the bag at each child’s crafting spot to make things even easier.

Make sure you make one of each style to put on display so the kids can work on their own.

The possibilities of how to use this paper bag craft are really endless! Enjoy this fun crafting project with your kids today! Make sure that if you make this Despicable Me craft you tag us on social media so we can share your excitement and hard work!

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