Horton Hears a Who Bookmark [Free Dr. Seuss Printable]

Your kids will love coloring their own Horton Hears a Who Bookmark that has the beloved elephant, the speck, and the famous quote, “A person’s a person, no matter how small!”

Horton Bookmark with Speck

On the surface, Horton Hears a Who seems like a fun book about a kind elephant who is determined to save a speck from harm. After all, the speck of dust has a whole town full of people living on it.

However, this Dr. Seuss classic is much more than that. It teaches children about how you should do the right thing, even when others doubt you. Some of the greatest people in history could not have achieved what they did without holding on to their personal beliefs. Also, you should respect others and listen to all sides, no matter how small their voices may be.

Preschoolers and kindergarteners love the book because of the big, loving elephant Horton and the excitement of trying to save Whoville. Even though my kids have read Horton Hears a Who when they were younger, I like to reread the book because as they reach elementary school age, they can begin to understand the lessons taught in the book.

Here is a Horton Hears a Who bookmark craft that is easy to download and color. There are step-by-step instructions below on how to make a tassel to go with the bookmark. This free Dr. Seuss printable is the perfect companion to any of the Dr. Seuss books!

Let’s celebrate National Read Across America Day, or Dr. Seuss Day, by reading about Horton and his adventures to save the speck!

Free Printable Horton Hears a Who Bookmark



Step 1: Decorate the Bookmark

Download and print out the Horton Hears a Who bookmark template on cardstock.

Horton Hears a Who Bookmark Printable Template

Give the bookmarks to your children to color with crayons, colored pencils, or markers. The movie depicts Horton as a grey elephant with a pink speck, but feel free to use whatever colors your kids imagine their elephants to be.

Color Horton Bookmarks

If you do not have cardstock at home, then I highly recommend laminating the bookmarks to prevent them from damage. Even if you did print the bookmarks on cardstock, it might be a good idea to laminate them anyway to make them last longer. If your kids are like mine, they will want to read the Dr. Seuss books over and over again!

Cut out the bookmarks with scissors. You can use the bookmarks as is, or you can continue reading to learn how to make a tassel to go along with the bookmarks.

Step 2: Make the Tassel

Use the hole punch to make a hole near the top of the bookmark.

Take a piece of cardstock and fold it in half and repeat until it has been folded four times total. If you have a thick piece of cardboard at home, you can use that instead of the cardstock.

Horton Bookmark Fold Cardstock

Start wrapping the thread around the folded cardstock. You don’t need to be exact with how many times you wrap the thread, but around 40 loops works well for the tassel.

Horton Bookmark Wrap Thread

Carefully slide the thread off the cardstock. Make sure you keep the opening in the center of the loops open. Cut the thread from the spool.

Next, cut a long piece of thread from the spool. Gently slide the thread through the loop and leave it loose.

Horton Bookmark Take Thread Off Cardstock

Cut another long piece of thread from the spool and wrap it as tightly as possible around the loop, close to the top. This will create the cuff that holds the threads together. After you finish wrapping the cuff, tie a knot and cut off the excess thread.

Horton Bookmark Tie Knot

The last step to making a tassel is simply slide one blade of your scissor into the middle of the loop. Cut the bottom of the loop. Trim the ends so that they are all even.

Horton Bookmark Cut Thread

Step 3: Attach the Tassel to the Horton Hears a Who Bookmark

Tie a knot with the piece of thread that is left hanging off the tassel. Loop the thread through the hole in the bookmark and secure it to the cardstock.

Finished Horton Hears a Who Bookmark with Tassel

You are done with your Horton Hears a Who bookmark! Now you can enjoy reading Dr. Seuss books with your favorite character holding your page for you.

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