30+ Easy Christmas Crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers

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In need of some fun and easy Christmas crafts for your toddlers and preschoolers? Look no further!

christmas craft for kids

It seems like after Halloween, time just fast forwards and before you know it, Christmas is here!

What better way to get into the Christmas spirit than to do some fun Christmas crafts with your kids? We also love to do fun winter science experiments like the exploding snowman that will get everyone in the mood for Christmas.

Here are 30+ of our favorite kid-friendly Christmas crafts for you and your little one to enjoy throughout the holiday season!

Christmas Ornament Crafts

1. Thumbprint Reindeer Ornament

Capture your kid’s little thumbprint in this adorable thumbprint reindeer ornament!

Thumbprint Reindeer Ornament

2. Thumbprint Reindeer Ornament

These wood slice snowman ornaments are sturdy and will last you many Christmases!

Wood Slice Snowman Ornaments

2. Cinnamon Stick Christmas Tree Ornament

This cinnamon stick Christmas tree ornament will make your house smell delicious!

Cinnamon Stick Christmas Ornament

4. DIY Clay Christmas Ornaments

Your kids will have lots of fun mixing everything together and using cookie cutters to cut out these Christmas clay ornaments.

Clay Christmas Ornaments

5. Christmas Candy Cane Ice Skate Ornaments

If your kids love ice skating and candy cane, decorating these Christmas candy cane ice skate ornaments will make their day.

candy cane ice skate ornaments pin

6. Egg Carton Snowman Craft

What a great way to use an egg carton! After you help cut out the snowman, your kid can help draw on the eyes, nose, and mouth and decorate the egg carton snowman with a scarf and buttons!

recycled snowman craft kindergarten image

7. Santa Wish List Ornament

I love the idea of these ornaments. You have your child write a Santa wish list, and display it on the Christmas tree with these keepsake ornaments. Can you imagine looking at a tree full of these wish list ornaments when your kids are older?

Christmas List for Santa Ornament

8. Peanut Snowman Christmas Ornaments

What do you do with all the peanuts you get from packages? These peanut snowman Christmas ornaments are adorable, and an awesome way to upcycle a packaging material that you would have otherwise thrown out.

Christmas Ornaments Peanut Snowman

9. Pom Pom Christmas Ornament

This pom pom Christmas ornament is so easy that your toddler can do it. Plus, it’s a great craft to practice his fine-motor skills as he tries to stuff the pom poms in the ornament ball.

Kids Pom Pom Christmas Ornament Complete

10. Galaxy Melted Crayon Ornaments

Whoa far out! These galaxy melted crayon Christmas ornaments will make good use of all the broken crayons you have around the house. Plus, the end result is beautiful!

melted crayon Christmas ornaments

11. DIY Seashell Christmas Ornaments

If you are living in a hotter climate like me, you may still be able to visit the beach during Christmas time. If not, you can buy seashells at a local craft store or online to make these beach-themed Christmas tree ornaments with seashells.

beach Christmas ornaments

Christmas Tree Crafts

12. Pinecone Christmas Trees

My kids are constantly picking up and collecting pine cones on the ground. So why not turn those pinecones into festive Christmas trees?

Pinecone Christmas Trees

13. Christmas Tree Slime

Kids love slime (a little too much if you ask me). Kids love Christmas trees. Put them together, and you got magic! Although not a typical Christmas tree, your kids will have so much fun playing with this pom pom Christmas tree slime.

Christmas Tree Slime

14. Christmas Tree Picture Frame

Using simple materials like card stock and toilet paper roll, you can make a Christmas tree picture frame that you can keep forever.

Kid Made Christmas Tree Picture Frame

15. Easy Christmas Tree Craft

Similar to the Christmas tree picture frame above, all you need for this easy Christmas tree craft are toilet paper rolls and green construction paper. Then let your kid’s imagination run wild and decorate the tree with whatever you have around the house – buttons, glitter, beads, sequins, whatever!

Sequins Christmas Tree Craft

16. LEGO Christmas Tree Ornament

If your kid is a fan of LEGO, you probably have tons of random pieces around the house. Why not make a cute Christmas tree out of LEGOs?

How to make a lego Christmas Tree ornament

17. Christmas Tree Ball Painting

Your kids will love painting by rolling a ball around in paint (don’t worry it’s not messy!) for this Christmas tree ball painting craft.

Christmas tree ball painting

18. Christmas Tree with Pointillism

I know, it sounds complicated, but this craft is actually quite simple! After you set up the basic shape of the Christmas tree on the canvas, your kid can take over and create and decorate the Christmas tree by painting with q-tips.

Christmas Pointillism finished card

19. Fork Painted Christmas Tree Craft

Your kid will love using a fork to paint a Christmas tree. Then they can use whatever they want to decorate the tree to their own liking.

fork painted christmas tree craft

Snowman Crafts

20. Snowman Christmas Countdown Craft

Tired of your kids asking you how many days are left until Christmas? Teach your kids how to count with this quick and easy Snowman countdown calendar so they know exactly how many days are left until Santa’s arrival.

Christmas Countdown Calendar

21. Painted Rock Snowman Craft

Besides a fun craft for kids to do, these painted rock snowmen are also great for color matching, counting, and measuring length.

painted rock snowman

22. DIY Upcycled Snowman

My kids love their yogurt drinks, so we have tons of these yogurt containers around the house. This DIY upcycled snowman is such a creative way to use the yogurt containers.

diy upcycled snowman

Reindeer Crafts

23. Reindeer Corner Bookmarks

Origami doesn’t have to be complicated and mind-boggling. Using this free printable template, you and your little ones can make these cute reindeer corner bookmarks within minutes!

Reindeer Corner Bookmark

24. Rudolph Snack Cups

These Rudolph snack cups are super adorable and your kids will have a blast eating their Christmas snacks in these after they make them!!

holiday snack cup

25. Handprint Reindeer Craft

Kids love to turn their handprints into a new art project. Your kids even get to practice their scissor skills with this handprint reindeer craft.

reindeer christmas craft with handprint

Santa Crafts

26. Handprint Santa Craft

This simple Santa handprint craft gives your kids another chance to trace their hands and use the handprints as the Santa’s beard.

handprint santa craft for preschool image

27. Popsicle Stick Santa Hats

These popsicle stick Santa hats are so easy, your preschooler can probably do it all by himself!

Finished santa hats

DIY Christmas Cards

28. Christmas Present Pop-Up Card

There is no better present for your loved ones than a pop-up card with a picture of your kid inside!

Christmas Present Pop Up Card 1

29. Handprint Angel Kid-Made Christmas Card

Can’t you tell I just love handprint crafts? Here is an adorable handprint angel Christmas card that is perfect for family.

Handprint Angel Christmas Card 1

Other Fun Christmas Crafts

30. Angel Rock Painting

This cute thumbprint rock painting craft is easy to do with your kids. Just dip their thumbs in paint and press down on the rock to make the angel!

angel painted rock

31. Snowflake Glitter Calm Down Jar

Do you have an energetic kid who just can’t seem to settle down? This beautiful snowflake glitter calm down jar will help your kid calm down so you can enjoy some precious quiet time.

Glitter Snowflake Jar

I hope your kids enjoy these fun Christmas crafts! Merry Christmas!


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