The 20 Best STEM Toys for Kids

STEM toys teach kids more than science and mathematics concepts. They focus on hands-on learning with real-world applications, such as problem-solving, analytical thinking, and creativity. Not to mention, STEM toys are super fun!

Best STEM Toys for Kids

Instead of buying toys that kids will play with for 5 minutes and then sit on the shelf collecting dust, choose an enriching STEM toy that will inspire your kids to learn while having serious fun. Equip the curious children in your life with a variety of skills that will allow them to be successful with these STEM toys.

The Top STEM Toys for Kids

ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game

ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game and STEM Toy for Boys and Girls Age 8 and Up: Toy of the Year Award Winner

When you’re looking for the best toys for building STEM skills you can’t really go wrong with the ThinkFun Gravity Maze. The game comes with 60 different challenges that will be sure to challenge any child’s logic skills. It even won the Toy of the Year Award in 2017. 

There is nothing quite like a 3D brain teaser and with this toy, children will be sure to develop their critical thinking skills. With such a wide array of different challenges, this marble run toy can be enjoyed by children of all different skill levels. It’s suitable for ages 8 and up and will make a great gift.

AmScope 120X-1200X 52-pcs Kids Beginner Microscope

AmScope 120X-1200X 52-pcs Kids Beginner Microscope STEM Kit with Metal Body Microscope, Plastic Slides, LED Light and Carrying Box (M30-ABS-KT2-W),White

A great toy for budding scientists, the Kids Beginner Microscope is simple and easy to use but offers tons of fun for children. It comes with a variety of slides so children can instantly get to work using the microscope to see things up close! 

The microscope even comes with its own high-quality carry case. So, kids can easily take this microscope with them outdoors. If your child has an interest in science then this toy would make a great choice and is sure to help any child develop their STEM skills. 

Creativity for Kids Grow ‘N Glow Terrarium Kit

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Sure to please children who love science, nature, and animals the Grow ‘N Glow Terrarium Kit is a great way for children to develop their STEM skills. With this high-quality kit, children will be able to grow their own terrarium garden easily. 

The terrarium kit comes with everything you need including a plastic mason-style jar, potting mix, plenty of seeds, decorative figurines, river stones, and even a plant mister that will help ensure the terrarium stays watered. Children will learn more about science, nature, plants, and the ecosystem all while having fun with this great toy. 

Klutz Lego Chain Reactions Science & Building Kit

LEGO Chain Reactions (Klutz Science/STEM Activity Kit), 9' Length x 1.06' Width x 10' Height

LEGO is a great STEM toy and children can unlock its full potential with this amazing science and building kit! The kit comes with everything children need to unlock LEGO’s full creative potential. The book features detailed, easy to follow instructions even younger children will be able to follow. 

But it’s not just an in-depth guide it also comes with a wide range of different LEGO pieces so children can get to work building right away. If your child loves LEGO and you are looking to show them how they can use it to learn new STEM skills this toy would make a fine choice. 

Jasonwell 108pcs Magnetic Blocks

Jasonwell Magnetic Tiles Kids Magnetic Blocks Building Sets 3D Magnet Tile Building Blocks Magna Construction Educational STEM Toys Gifts for Toddlers Boys Girls 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 + Year Old

These magnetic blocks are a great choice if you’re searching for the best toys for building STEM skills! With their colorful design and wide assortment of shapes, children can use these blocks to build all kinds of structures. 

They are sure to be a fine choice for children who enjoy LEGO or building blocks. And thanks to their magnetic design children can build more complex shapes easily. The blocks are also made from a high-quality ABS material and have been smoothed down to ensure maximum safety and comfort. 


NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Fossil Dig Kit - Excavate 15 Genuine Prehistoric Fossils, Kids Educational Toys, Great Science Kit Gift for Girls and Boys (Amazon Exclusive)

Children love dinosaurs, don’t they? But this dinosaur-themed toy gives children a way to learn more about dinosaurs, history, and archaeology. Children can learn how to excavate fossils using the proper tools and it comes with everything children need to get right to work. 

National Geographic is a name you can trust when it comes to high-quality educational toys and the Mega Fossil Dig Kit is sure to provide hours of entertainment. If your child has an interest in dinosaurs, science, or paleontology this toy will make an excellent gift. 


NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Dig Kit - Dig Up 15 Real Gemstones and Crystals, Science Kit for Kids, Gift for Girls and Boys

My second choice from National Geographic is the excellent Mega Gemstone Dig Kit. Children will learn about geology, excavation, and science! If you’re looking for an educational and fun STEM toy then this would make a great choice. 

15 gemstones are included with this gemstone set including quartz and amethyst. A full-color detailed guide comes with the set as well so children can learn all about the gems they are excavating. This is a fun and educational gift that is sure to delight any child.   

Crystal Growing Science Experimental Kit

4M 7 Crystal Growing Science Experimental Kit with Display Cases - Easy DIY STEM Toy Lab Experiment Specimens, Educational Gift for Kids, Teens, Boys & Girls

STEM subjects are very important and rewarding but can be a little dry for children. But with the Crystal Growing Science Experiment Kit children of all ages will be able to learn all about geology and have fun at the same time! 

The crystal growing kit is simple and easy to use, and with the simple guide, children will be able to grow a wide range of colored crystals. Children will be able to see the crystal grow right in front of their eyes! A fun and exciting STEM toy sure to please any child. 

The Original Stomp Rocket Dueling Rockets

Stomp Rocket Original Dueling Rocket Launcher for Kids, 4 Rockets - Fun Backyard & Outdoor Kids Toys Gifts for Boys & Girls - Toy Foam Blaster Set Soars 200ft - Multi-Player Launcher Stand

The Original Stomp Rocket Dueling Rockets set adds a fun, competitive twist to traditional STEM toys. With this kit, children can challenge their friend or a sibling to see whose rockets fly further. All children need to do is run and jump on the launch pad and their rocket will lift off! 

No batteries are needed and the Dueling Rockets are quick and easy to assemble. This isn’t just a fun toy though it’s also very educational as it teaches children about important STEM subjects like how forces work. Great fun for children and suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this toy would make a fantastic gift. 

Elenco Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100

Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Exploration Kit, Over 100 Projects, Full Color Project Manual, 28 Parts, STEM Educational Toy for Kids 8 +

With this innovative toy, children can learn all about the science behind circuits. With the Elenco Snap Circuits Jr kit children can build a variety of circuitry experiments. It’s the perfect fun and educational toy that makes learning about a complex subject simple and fun. 

If you are looking for the best toys for building STEM skills then this building kit would make a fine choice. Dozens of different experiments are included to suit all skill levels. The more your child uses this toy and develops their skills the more they’ll be able to do. 

Table Top Robot

4M 5576 Table Top Robot - DIY Robotics Stem Toys, Engineering Edge Detector Gift for Kids & Teens, Boys & Girls (Packaging May Vary)

Children love robots and this Table Top Robot offers plenty of scientific and educational fun! Once built this robotic crab will even scuttle about and thanks to the edge-detection technology it won’t get damaged banging into walls. 

Robotics is quite complicated but with this Table Top Robot children can be introduced to many of the basic principles. If you are looking for a fun and innovative STEM toy then this robot would make a great choice. It’s plenty of fun and sure to teach children a thing or two. 

SmartLab Toys Squishy Human Body

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When it comes to finding the best toys for building STEM skills this Squishy Human Body from SmartLab is a great choice. While it might look a little grisly this toy will be tons of fun and can teach children all about the human body. 

It features 21 removal body parts including realistic organs. Fun and educational, this human anatomy toy is a great way to teach children how the body works and will be sure to help them develop their science skills. It even comes with its own guidebook, which features detailed graphics and in-depth information for further study.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Starter Rock Tumbler Kit

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Starter Rock Tumbler Kit - Durable Leak-Proof Rock Polisher for Kids - Complete Rock Tumbling Kit - Geology Hobby Science Kit, Rocks & Crystals for Kids (Amazon Exclusive)

With a rock tumbler children can transform rocks into their own beautiful gemstones! With this Starter Rock Tumbler Kit from National Geographic children can get right to work creating their own stunning gems. It also comes with a detailed guide that teaches children exactly how to use it and the science behind it. 

It’s a great STEM toy to teach children more about geology and will be sure to help kids develop their science skills. The kit comes with a powerful tumbler and a bag of rocks featuring 9 different types of gems. Jewelry fastenings are also included so children can display their creations as well. 

Melissa & Doug 100-Piece Wood Blocks Set

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Not all STEM toys have to be science-based, do they? The magnificent Melissa & Doug 100-Piece Wood Blocks Set features a variety of colorful blocks sure to ignite any child’s imagination. The blocks come in numerous different shapes and would make a great choice for children young or old. 

These wondrous wooden blocks would make a great STEM toy for younger children and they’re a good alternative to LEGO. But older children will be sure to enjoy them as well. They have a lot of educational value as they can teach children about shapes and help them develop their creativity.  

K’NEX K-Force Battle Bow Build and Blast Set

K'NEX K-Force Battle Bow Build and Blast Set , Blue, for 8-15 years

With the K’NEX K-Force Battle Bow and Blast Set children can build a selection of different dart blasters for fun cooperative play. The set is suitable for children aged 8 and up and while it may seem complicated the in-depth instructional guide will help children quickly get to work building. 

The weapons are similar to Nerf blasters so will be sure to offer plenty of fun for children and they are very educational as well. While building the blasters children will be able to develop their STEM skills and creativity. It’s a STEM toy with a difference and would make a great gift. 

Magna-Tiles Cars Expansion Set

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Magna-Tiles are where “math, science, and creativity meet” and with this expansion set children will be able to have even more fun with these innovative tiles. Magna-Tiles are high-quality, colorful magnetic tiles that are sure to be an excellent creative toy. 

Now from the name you can likely already tell that these are car-themed in design. The set allows children to use Magna-Tiles to build their own vehicles. A fun and creative toy sure to please any child and one that will help them develop essential STEM skills. 

Solar System Planetarium

4M Solar System Planetarium - DIY Glow In The Dark Astronomy Planet Model Stem Toys Gift for Kids & Teens, Girls & Boys, Model:3427

Space is full of wonder and with this glow-in-the-dark Solar System Planetarium children can learn all about the planets. It would make a wondrous decoration for any child’s bedroom and is sure to be a fantastic gift. It’s also a STEM toy that combines both art and science in one great package. 

You don’t just build this model of the solar system you have to paint it as well. The kit comes with stencils and squeeze glow paint pens so children can get right to work decorating. The planetarium also comes with its own special wall chart as well full of scientific facts and questions to help children learn more about the planets. 

Snap Circuits “Arcade”

Snap Circuits “Arcade”, Electronics Exploration Kit, Stem Activities for Ages 8+, Full Color Project Manual (SCA-200)

Snap Circuits specialize in science and electronics STEM toys. The Snap Circuits Arcade set allows you to build over 200 different projects. What’s great about this STEM toy is that it has projects to suit all different skill levels. 

So, whether your child is completely new to electronics or already quite experienced the Snap Circuits Arcade set would make a great STEM toy. Children will be able to play interactive games and utilize a number of different features like a programmable word fan, a light orb, and even a dual LED display. 

Rush Hour Traffic Jam Logic Game

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When searching for the best toys for building STEM skills a game like Rush Hour Traffic Jam could be a great choice! The game which features numerous different puzzles to suit beginners to experts is perfect for helping your child develop their logic, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. 

The aim of the game is simple but actually reaching a solution is quite complex! Suitable for children aged 8 and up this innovative board game is perfect for family board game night. 

Osmo – Pizza Co

Osmo Pizza Co. Educational STEM Learning Games - Math & Communication Skills - Ages 5-12 - For iPad, iPhone, Fire Tablet

Osmo Pizza Co is a smart interactive game that works with a compatible app. The app which is available for both Android and IOS devices works with this smart, innovative game and will entertain and educate children for hours! 

The aim of the game is simple. With the board and pieces, you make pizzas for customers and handle all the money and change. So, children won’t just develop their problem-solving skills but also their maths skills as well. The game offers great educational value and is a fantastic example of a modern more interactive STEM toy


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