Simple Bouncing Marble Activity

Your children will love this fun bouncing marble activity that uses cups, marbles, and balloons. It’s a great indoor boredom buster for a rainy day.

Bouncing Colorful Marble

What happens when you drop a glass marble on the floor? 

Hard objects like marbles do not bounce and may shatter if you drop them from a great enough height. For an object to bounce, it needs to be elastic; meaning that the object is able to deform without breaking, and return back to the shape it had before deforming. 

We can’t change the composition of a glass marble, but we can change the surface on which we drop it! Using balloons, you can make mini trampolines for the marbles and the result is quite amusing!

How to Make Marbles Bounce


  • Marbles
  • Balloons
  • Scissors
  • Cups


1. Cut the neck off a balloon.

Bouncing Marble Cut Balloon

2. Stretch the balloon over the opening of a cup.

Bouncing Marble Trampolines

3. Drop a marble onto the balloon and watch it bounce!

Bouncing White Marble

This simple bouncing marble activity is easy to set up but provides tons of fun for the kids. Try making the marble trampolines using different size cups. You will notice that the sound that the different cups will make different sounds as the marbles bounce up and down!


How many times can you bounce a marble before it stops? No matter at what height you drop the marble, it will stop bouncing due to the pull of gravity. Or the marble might bounce itself out of the balloon trampoline!

Bouncing White Marble Rim

This activity is a great one to keep in your back pocket for days when your kids are bored and you want to avoid screentime. And while you have the marbles out, you can also try the moon crater activity or make a LEGO marble maze!

Bouncing Marble Activity Pin

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