Science Experiments for Kids

Doing science experiments with your kids at home or in a classroom is the best way for kids to learn about how the world works. Encourage your child to ask questions, reflect on what happened together, and praise your child for their hard work. No matter which science experiment you pick to do, your child will learn invaluable skills of planning, organizing, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

By following the scientific method, your kids will develop their observational skills and understand the concept of cause and effect. Science experiments also encourage curiosity and prompt your kids to ask many questions during the experiment. Though these valuable discussions, you’ll develop a closer bond with your kids. 

From cool weather science projects to edible experiments, your kids will love exploring how things work with hands-on activities. There is no limit to what you can do with science!

Fun and Simple Science Experiments for Kids Pin

If you have done some of the science experiments on Mombrite with your kids (virtual high five!), you already know that we try our best to use inexpensive, household items that you probably already have for our experiments. The set ups are fairly simple, so you can easily conduct an experiment without much planning. 

My kids absolutely love when we do these fun science activities. When they see me pull out the supplies that we commonly use like mason jars or food coloring, they knew it’s “experiment time”! They will ditch their favorite toys and run over to see what kind of fun things I have in store for them.

Below are all the science experiments for kids that we have done so far, and we will continue to add to the list! You’ll want to make sure that you pin this page so that you can have it handy whenever you are looking for a new idea to do with your kids. When you do science experiments in a stress-free, just-for-fun environment, children can discover new interests and deeper understanding of the world. 

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