Popsicle Stick Polar Express Christmas Ornament

Make the magic of the beloved Christmas movie come alive with this easy popsicle stick Polar Express ornament. Kids will love crafting this mysterious train bound for the North Pole!

polar express craft stick

All aboard the Polar Express!

The Polar Express is one of our favorite holiday movies to watch with the kids. And with Christmas right around the corner, we are boarding the Polar Express craft train and making our own popsicle stick ornament!

Making the Polar Express ornament is a great activity for kids while you are busy preparing for the holiday season. They will love crafting the mysterious train bound for the North Pole, ready for fun and adventure.

How to Make the Craft Stick Polar Express Ornament Craft


Mini craft sticks material

1. Paint the craft sticks black. You will need 3 jumbo sticks and 5 mini sticks per train. Let the paint dry completely.

black acrylic paint on craft sticks

2. Line up the 3 craft sticks and flip them to the unpainted side. Glue a spare square of cardstock to the jumbo craft sticks. This is the easiest and quickest way to glue craft sticks together.

craft stick joint with glue

3. Flip the large craft sticks back over so the black side faces up. Glue 4 mini craft sticks towards the top of the jumbo sticks, a little off to the left.

Black Craft Stick joint with glue

4. Glue the 5th mini stick across the top of the other 4.

black acrylic paint done on craft sticks

5. Using the polar express craft template, trace the pieces onto cardstock paper and cut them out. The window is yellow. The chimney and pilot are both black. One of the smallest circles is yellow but should be cut in half to make a semicircle.

Cardstock - black, white, yellow prepared

6. Next, cut out the wheels. Two of the smallest circles should be white. The biggest circle should be black, as well as all three medium circles. Glue the white circles inside the black circles. The two smallest circles should go on top of the two medium circles, and one medium circle should go on top of the biggest circle.

prepare Cardstock black white yellow

7. Glue the window in place on the mini sticks. Position the chimney toward the front, top of the train. The pilot is glued to the front, bottom. The wheels should be in the order of big, small, small, from left to right.

Craft Stick Polar Express Template ready

8. Glue the yellow semicircle in front for a headlight.

Craft Stick Polar Express Template

9. Use the black marker to draw the wheel connections.

10. Cut a strand of twine. Tie it in a loop and glue it behind the top of the cab, behind the mini stick. Try to find the right spot where the popsicle ornament will hang evenly. And your Polar Express is ready to ride!

Craft Stick Polar Express material

Your kids will be so proud to see their Polar Express hanging on the Christmas tree. You can even make additional carriages and hang them all in a row on the tree.

This Polar Express craft is the perfect activity for your kids after watching The Polar Express movie or the classic book!

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