Popsicle Stick Number Build Set

This Popsicle Stick Number Build Set is a fun way for your toddlers or preschoolers to learn their numbers 1-20 with a hands-on activity that will also help improve their fine motor skills.

Popsicle stick Number Build Set

Do you have a kid who learns best from interactive activities rather than pure memorization? If so, I have good news for you!

Instead of writing numbers over and over again, your kids can build the numbers using craft sticks. This simple activity will tap into their creativity and problem-solving skills as well as literacy and numeration skills.

Teaching your toddler or preschooler number recognition and counting is fun with this Popsicle Stick Number Build Set. Incorporate different color popsicle sticks to make learning the numbers 1 through 20 even more exciting!

What is Numeration?

Numeration sounds intimidating, but simply put it’s just learning to put words with their corresponding numbers. Numeration is an important concept for young children to learn and much of math builds on that skill. 

A great example of numeration would be like this:

4, Four, or IIII

All of these numbers and symbols represent the number four. Just in a different way! It really is that simple. Children can start recognizing the basic numbers and the words that represent them. Roman numerals come later. 

What Comes in the Popsicle Stick Number Build Set?

With your digital download, you will receive 20 printable color number build mats. Each mat shows the number in two ways – a traditional numeral (for example, the number 1) for them to build, and as a ready-to-trace word (“ONE”). Each sheet also has a simple sentence that you can use as well.

Popsicle stick Number Build Mats

How Do You Use the Popsicle Stick Number Build Set?

All you need to get started is:

These are so easy to use and excellent for visual learners. First, have your child use the popsicle sticks to build the number by laying popsicles over each number as you see on the card. Once they have done that you can have them use a pencil or crayon and trace the number word on the bottom of the card.

If your child is too young to write with a pencil or crayon, that’s okay too! I like to start by presenting my children with the cards first and allow them to play with the popsicle sticks to get acquainted. It is both friendly and approachable for small hands. 

Popsicle stick Number Printable Worksheets

I do recommend laminating the mats or inserting them in page protectors so that you can reuse them until your child masters all the numbers in the pack. Instead of using a pencil, your child can write on them with dry-erase markers. To erase, simply wipe the surface with a piece of tissue paper.

You can punch holes in the sheets and store them in a binder, placed on a shelf that your child can easily access. Another idea would be to punch a hole at the top left of each page and use a binder ring to hold them together. You can place the popsicle sticks in a bag and punch a hole in the bag so that it can be stored with the mats. This will allow your child to grab the activity whenever they like to work on their numbers.

Do We Have to Use Popsicle Sticks?

The simple answer is no! If you don’t have popsicle sticks at home, you can simply use pencils, markers, or anything that resemble a stick. If it’s a nice day out, you can take a nature walk with your kids and gather twigs for this math activity. Really anything you have at home works to get their little hands moving and develop their fine motor skills.

This activity is so fun, and your child will love the satisfaction of completing each card on their own. I know they will love it! 

Simply click the button below to get your numbers printable!

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