23 Fun Human Body Activities and Experiments for Kids

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Whether your kid is a preschooler or goes to middle school, he or she will enjoy these human body activities while learning about how the human body works.

Human Body Activities for Kids

The anatomy of the human body is fascinating, especially for kids. I get a ton of questions from my children about the human body systems and how they function. Where does our blood come from? What is the funny bone? How many bones do I have? … and many more.

If your kids are curious like mine, I am sure you get these questions too.

What could be better than showing them how the human body works through fun and interactive human body activities and experiments?

Human body activities for kids are a great way for them to use a hands-on approach to learn about our bodies and what it takes for us to conduct daily tasks. Kids will love seeing how various parts of the body work together to help us do so many things.

These activities range from using household items to see how the heart pumps blood to learning about how our hands and lungs work. I learned a thing or two about human anatomy as well while doing these experiments with my kids. We definitely take our bodies for granted, especially for simple things like breathing and digesting food!

Human Body Activities for Kids

These fun and educational human body activities and experiments will have kids create and learn about the parts of our body and how we can do the things we do.

Pumping Heart Model from Mombrite

This activity for kids will show kids how the human heart works and how the blood vessels carry blood away from the heart.

Pumping Heart Model Blood Flowing

Egg Carton Spine Model from Mombrite

Kids will love learning about the spine and what it looks like with this easy egg carton spine model activity.

Egg Carton Spine Bended

DIY Robot Hand from Mombrite

A fun project for kids, this activity will show kids how complex and intricate our hands are. It will also show them how everything works together so that we can move our hands.

DIY Robot Hand Fingers

Balloon Lung Model from Mombrite

This fun activity will have children learning how our lungs work to help us breathe and will allow them to visually see our respiratory system.

Balloon Model Lung Closeup

Q-Tip Skeletons from Mombrite

An easy project on human anatomy, this skeleton is made with Q-tips and will explore the different bones we have in our bodies.

QTip Skeleton Complete

Play-Doh Skeleton Activity from Mombrite

A fun project that will allow kids to see how our bodies would be if we did not have bones to help us stand up straight.

Play-Doh Skeleton Head Fell Off

Simple DIY Stethoscope from Kids from Mombrite

Kids will have fun creating their very own stethoscope and then use it to hear heartbeats and to calculate the heart rate.

DIY Stethoscope Dog

Blood Slime Model from Mombrite

A great way to teach the components of blood, this blood slime model is easy to make and is a great way to learn about human anatomy.


Skeleton Handprint X-Ray Craft from Mombrite

Talk to your kids about how many bones are in a human body and then dive deeper into the bones in the hands and wrists with this realistic-looking skeleton handprint x-ray craft.

Skeleton Handprint X-Ray Craft (1)

Tooth Decay Experiment from Mombrite

Your kids will want to brush their teeth after this tooth decay experiment! Immerse eggs in different liquids to show the effect of the liquids on our tooth enamel.


Brain and Nerves from My Joy Filled Life

A few fun activities that you can make at home to learn about the brain and nerves. These activities are sure to be a hit with the kids.

Brain and Nerves

Components of Blood Activity for Kids from My Joy Filled Life

Using candy, this fun activity will show kids the different components of blood. Kids will have fun making this blood model.

Components of Blood Activity for Kids

Heart Science Lesson from Kids Activities Blog

Another easy to do projects, this anatomy project will have kids learning about the heart and how it works.

Heart Science Lesson

The Small Intestines from Edventures with Kids

A fun and easy science experiment that is done outdoors, this activity will show kids how long their small intestines are.

The Small Intestines

Human Body Matching Game from Kiddy Charts

A fun game that kids will love playing, this matching game will have children learning about the different parts that make up the human body.

Human Body Matching Game

Body Preschool Activity from A Little Pinch of Perfect

A great introductory activity to the human anatomy, this preschool science activity is a fun project for kids to do.

Body Preschool Activity

Skeleton Bones Paper Craft from A Little Pinch of Perfect

Using paper, this is a great project for kids to do so they can see the bones that make up our hands and arms.

Skeleton Bones Paper Craft

Human Body Sensory Bin from The Chaos and the Clutter

A fun way for young children to learn about the human body, this DIY human body sensory bin can be paired with a matching game.

Human Body Sensory Bin

Working Lung Model from Team Cartwright

This fun activity will have kids learning and seeing how the lungs work and help us breathe.

Working Lung Model

Digestive System Craft from Living Life and Learning

Kids will love creating this fun digestive system craft and learning how the different parts of our digestive system work together.

Digestive System Craft

Play-Doh Anatomy Scale from Teach Beside Me

Using Play-Doh, kids will love learning about the human body as they create this human anatomy chart.

Play-Doh Anatomy Scale

Pretend Play Anatomy Lab from Teach Beside Me

Creating body parts from a gelatin mold, kids will have fun learning about the brain, skull, and heart with this activity.

Pretend Play Anatomy Lab

Human Body Bingo from Darcy and Brian

A fun way to learn about our bodies, this human body bingo game will be a fun game that kids can play as they learn.

Human Body Bingo

I hope your kids have a lot of fun discovering and learning about the human body through these activities and experiments. They are great to use as part of a human anatomy unit study for your homeschool. We also love these books that make learning about the human body quite amusing!

Human Body Theater: A Non-Fiction Revue
The Fantastic Body: What Makes You Tick & How You Get Sick

And if you need more resources to help your kids learn the human organs, these 3-part Montessori cards are a great learning tool!

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