My Experience with the Mirena IUD (and Why I Removed It)

The Mirena IUD sounded like the perfect birth control – one that you don’t have to worry about for the next 5 years after insertion. Little did I know that the side effects of the Mirena IUD would drive me crazy.

Mirena IUD Side Effects

After my daughter was born, we knew we were done having kids. Physically, we were too exhausted from a lack of sleep and towing the kids around. Mentally, we just could not fathom how we could split our attention more than we already were with two kids.

Therefore, I did plenty of research on birth control before going into my 6 weeks postpartum appointment with the mindset that we did not want more kids. Here are some reasons why I decided on the Mirena IUD:

  1. The mini pill needs to be taken at the SAME TIME every day. Hello? As a mom of a baby and an active toddler, there is no way I would be able to make this commitment. Some days I don’t even know what time it is until my stomach is begging me for food and I realize it’s past 10 PM and I haven’t eaten since lunch.
  2. Female sterilization is just too invasive. There is no time for me to recover with a toddler and an infant, forget what happens if there are any complications.
  3. Copper IUD was tempting, but the potential side effect of a heavier, more painful period just seemed like a horrible idea.
  4. Combination pills (estrogen + progesterone) and Depo Provera shots were out of the question because they may cause a decrease in breast milk supply. Nope, can’t take that risk.

Hence, the Mirena IUD appeared to be the way to go. I talked to some relatives and friends and they all seemed to have a great experience with the Mirena IUD. Therefore, I was excited to go with a birth control method that seems like you can basically get it inserted and forget about it for 5 years (except the occasional checking to make sure the string is still there).

The Insertion.

While waiting for the OBGYN to arrive, a nurse took my vitals and ask the routine questions. When she realized I was getting the Mirena IUD put in, she warned me that the initial spotting may take a while to disappear. Wait what? Initial spotting? ARGH fine I guess for 5 years of trouble-free birth control, I will take a couple of months of spotting. 

But wait …the nurse proceeded to tell me how she got her Mirena IUD a year ago and it took her 6 MONTHS to stop spotting. Holy cow. That’s a very long time. But ok most women only experience spotting for 2-3 months so hopefully, I am like most women. 

Then the OBGYN finally arrived and inserted the Mirena IUD. It was a pretty quick procedure, and luckily, I did not experience an excessive amount of bleeding, dizziness, or pain during and after placement. I did feel some cramping for a few days, but nothing even compared to a regular period cramp. Ok done. Woohoo. That was easy … perhaps too easy? I should have known,I am not that lucky of a gal. 

The Following … Bloody … 5 Months.

Oh gosh. The nurse was not kidding about the spotting. I spotted on and off for the next 5 months, which was super annoying because I had to basically wear pads all the time. Some days were heavier than others, to the point where I got confused when I actually had my period.

Do you know how irritating it is to change pads all the time when you are with a baby and a toddler who need to cramp into the bathroom with you whenever you go?

But one thing I knew … I wasn’t getting pregnant! I am going to argue that the Mirena IUD’s statistics are a bit skewed because it’s not like people are having intercourse anyway during the initial bloody months. You go Mirena IUD, you have achieved 100% effective rate for birth control.

The Happy Days.

For a few months, I thought my period had regulated and I was done with the spotting. My period was pretty normal, no heavier or lighter than usual, and came every month in a timely manner. I thought I was in the clear and done thinking about birth control for the next 4.5 years.

The Spotting Resumed … and Never Stopped.

About 9 months after I got the Mirena IUD, I started spotting again. At first it was very light, so I thought it would go away quickly. However, as time passed, the spotting got heavier and heavier. There may have been a couple of days when the spotting stopped, giving me false hope, but then it came back again with a vengeance.

I ruined so many underwears thinking that the spotting had stopped. I used up so many boxes of pantyliners and pads that I lost count. And the blood just kept coming….

The Mood Swings.

As much as the spotting bothered me, nothing could compare to the mood swings I experienced. Now, most people would describe me as a very calm and patient person. Most of my friends couldn’t even picture me yelling at my kids (oh believe me, as much as I don’t want to, I do). Before I got pregnant, I always knew my period was coming because the day before I would have a migraine and I would feel more short-tempered for that one day. All that’s to say, I am not a very hormonal or emotional person. 

However, on the Mirena IUD, I felt like the Hulk. One moment I would be my normal self, and the next I felt like putting my fist through the wall. The only things I was missing were the bulging muscles and green skin tone. In fact, one time, I was so frustrated that I pounded my hand really hard on the bathtub … and ended up not being able to use my ring and pinky fingers on that hand for a week without extreme pain. And I couldn’t even remember what I was so mad about. 

The biggest concern, of course, was my behavior in front of the kids. When my kids are not being the most obedient humans (and seriously, what kids are?), I struggled to hold back the anger that was waiting to burst out of every fiber of my body. I remember once, my son spilled some water on the floor by accident, and I just snapped at him and lectured him forever. And it was just a little bit of water. That night, after my hormones calmed down, I felt so guilty that I had trouble sleeping.  

After realizing that my hormones were causing my emotions to be unstable, I tried to run away as much as possible from my children when I was being irrationally infuriated. I would either run to an empty bedroom to calm down before returning to the kids, or if my husband was available, throw the kids at him and just go somewhere … anywhere … so that I didn’t show my rage in front of my children. The extreme mood swings, not the spotting, was what led me to make an appointment with my OBGYN to check on the IUD. 

The Disappointing Doctor Appointment.

The biggest concern when my OBGYN heard about all my symptoms was that the IUD had been displaced. However, after checking on the string as well as conducting an ultrasound, the doctor confirmed that the IUD was in the correct position. So the answer to all these side effects was … we DON’T KNOW. Therefore, I was sent home with the hope that my body was still adjusting to the IUD and that I just need to wait it out. 

The Skin Issues.

Remember how I was saying that my periods are pretty predictable because my hormones go out of whack the day before I start bleeding? Well, before the IUD, about once a month I got one or two pimples around the time I had my period. Other than that, my skin was usually zit-free.

However, while on the IUD, I started getting these persistent cysts that were extremely huge and painful. They were not the type of pimple you can pop (you are not supposed to but come on, they are hard to resist). Instead, these cysts form deep under the skin, and for me, they love to form around my jawline. When I got them, I felt like Jay Leno because my chin felt gigantic with these cysts. 

So with the anger management issues and the acne, I was like the Hulk meets Jay Leno. Big, green, livid Jay Leno. Wait … am I describing Shrek before he fell in love and became a nice guy?

The Faux-Pregnancy Symptoms.

At one point, I could have sworn that I was pregnant. I even went out to get pregnancy tests to make sure, though it would have been a miracle baby because there was definitely no action in the bedroom with all the spotting and mood swings going on.

On random days, I would be nauseous and feeling very lightheaded. Although I never got to the point of vomiting, I was dry heaving and even ran to the toilet a few times as precaution. I was also soooooo tired, but it’s difficult to tell what’s the normal level of fatigue for a mom with two toddlers. Some days I felt like the Wile E. Coyote and had chased the Roadrunner for miles, just to have a gigantic anvil on my head. 

I was also experiencing physical symptoms. I LOOKED pregnant. Sure, I was still working on losing the baby weight, but I shouldn’t be looking like I was 5 months pregnant. I was so bloated and uncomfortable the whole day. Therefore, with the way I felt plus the bloating, it was just getting way too difficult to be a happy mom. 

The Ultimate Decision.

After discussing with my husband, I realized … what’s the point of having the Mirena IUD? The whole purpose of it was birth control, and with all the side effects it wasn’t like sex was an option. The way to prevent having more children is interfering with me being a good parent to the children we have, and that just didn’t make sense when there are other choices.

Therefore, I made the appointment and removed the Mirena IUD. The OBGYN concluded that my body and hormones were just not compatible with the Mirena IUD and there was nothing to do about it.

What now?

I have stopped birth control all together for a couple months, then tried the mini pill. Even though I achieved taking the mini pill at the same time everyday (eh … or close enough), about a few months later I started spotting again. My OBGYN said that the mini pill works similarly to the Mirena IUD, so it’s not surprising that I was experiencing similar side effects. Great. Bye bye mini pills.

In the end, my husband and I decided to go the male sterilization route. Instead of messing with my hormones by trying different birth control methods, the physical route of blocking the sperm seems to be much simpler. We are in the process of setting up the appointments to get the procedure done … wish us luck!!!

What are your experiences with the Mirena IUD? Let me know in the comments below!

I thought getting the Mirena IUD meant that I didn't have to worry about birth control for the next 5 years. Little did I know that the side effects of the Mirena IUD will send my life into a tailspin for the next 12 months. #mombrite #mirenaiud #birthcontrol

35 thoughts on “My Experience with the Mirena IUD (and Why I Removed It)”

  1. Your entire article completely explains my literal experience from the insertion, the disappointing doctors appt., mood swings, acne and bloating!

    At first I had to take a second and really think if I wrote this article in the past, and maybe forgotten with my symptomatic short-term memory loss.

    After the insertion, I went back to the doctor due to insane cramping and the IUD poking my partner during intercourse. The doctor checked and concluded everything “seemed fine”, so I decided to give it a couple more weeks.

    More than a couple weeks have passed and I am 10 pounds heavier, spent a fortune on a dermatologist and face medicine fo help diminish my cystic acne, and my bf have never fought this much…. EVER. I think it’s safe to say that I need to get this birth control removed ASAP.

    1. I am sorry to hear that you had to go through all that! Isn’t it crazy what a little IUD can do to your body? When it comes down to it, there are a lot of options when it comes to birth control. If the IUD is making you suffer, then there is no need to continue with it. I hope that things get better for you soon!

      1. Just curious your results after removing your IUD. I’m having similar side effects and end to remove it. My doctor assures me that is not the cause of anything. But my body is telling me differently!

        1. I would advise listening to your body. There are a lot more options for birth control out there and there is no reason to stick with the IUD if you are having doubts. After removing the IUD, the bad symptoms are gone. I stopped having the mood swings and headaches and also no more spotting! My periods returned to normal, thank goodness. Good luck!

          1. How long did it take to go back to normal? Did you experience any sort of crash after the removal?

          2. I believe so, before I hit perimenopause everything was good for a while. I wish I was more aware of the importance of hormones before playing with birth control methods that mess with it!

      2. Hi Betty,
        Thank you for sharing your story. I am convinced that some women are super sensitive to the levonorgestrel OR that perhaps some LNG devices are dosing out more than they are supposed to. About a year after having my Paragard removed (by the way, 12 years and NO problems whatsoever with that device) I had my doc put in a Mirena. I felt it was a good shorter-term option to ride me through until menopause. In just a week I knew something was wrong. I would feel like crying all the time and basically walked around at work trying to not cry which caused really bad headaches. It was a little crazy – like having PMS (times 10) every day. My docs said it could not be the device but in less than a month, I had it removed. I wish there was more than just anecdotal data on moods and the Mirena but I guess researchers don’t want to put money into legitimate studies. All we women can do is keep sharing and spreading the word. Women deserve better – and our children deserve our best mother-selves to be there for them. So thank you for that 🙂

      3. Omg, you are just describing exactly how I have felt for the past 3 months and the doctor keeps telling me I have to wait it longer… my cramps and my pain level is so bad, I’m super swollen I cannot put any rings on my fingers 🙁 my mood swings omg out of this world.

        How painful was the removal experience??? I had never have babies and this is my first IUD, all the other birth control give me migraines, inflammation, pain on my joints and makes me gain weight… I thought it was only me but after I read your story I feel very related.

        1. Personally, my removal process wasn’t painful at all. It was a bit uncomfortable but only for a few seconds and it was done. I know that it’s different for everyone. I would say listen to your body and if you feel that it is the IUD causing you pain and discomfort, get a second opinion and see if another doctor would recommend removal.

    2. My experience was almost exactly the same, only thing is I’ve been struggling with such bad headaches that I can not see properly and my 1 pupil have dilated where the pain sits most.

      After research my Hubby found that the IUD can cause inflammation in the brain/head, it’s been a month now since the removal (which was very painful in comparison to insertation). It felt like he took 2 sweezers pinched my uterus on the inside and yanked it. I cried as soon as I get to the car, after 2 babies, labor, water broke and ending up with C-Sections and of 1 the epidural didn’t work, I don’t believie it is because I can’t handle pain, yet the Doctor’s response is “some women are just more sensitive than others”.

      Not only that, I did go to check out the mirena thrice in two years as it literally poked my insides as I moved, continuously felt that pinching feeling when I moved, like I did with insertation, yet Doctor kept saying there’s nothing wrong as scan showed it was in place.

      Anyhow so it’s been an emotional 6 weeks after removal, regardless of the hectic bleeding and cramping 3 weeks after removal. Have been experiencing period pains for 2 weeks now and it only officialy started yesterday. How long after removal did you return back to normal, when did you stop looking pregnant, and hairloss, acne, headaches, borderline anxiety, when did this all end for you?

      1. Wow I am so sorry to hear everything that you went through with the Mirena IUD! My period returned back to normal about 2 months after the removal, and the rest of the side effects took a little longer, but they weren’t as intense about 2 months out. I would say everything went back to normal probably about 4 months after? I feel like my hormones were never the same, but that could also be because of the second pregnancy. Getting IUD so soon after I gave birth didn’t give me a chance to see how my body was after the second birth. My hormones do go up and down still every month, nothing like what I experienced with the IUD though. But like two days out of the month I still get very moody/anxious, and a couple of days I experience more hair loss. I get a migraine a day or two before I get my period. Never had any of this before having kids. Maybe my hormones just got out of whack after the second kid and the IUD just made everything 10x worse. Or maybe the IUD was the cause of all this. I guess I will never know.

  2. I have had mine in for 5years now trouble free and want to go in to have it replaced before the end of the year. However my mood swings are horrible and lately I’m feeling pregnant so I took a test which was negative but this new development have me worried.

    1. That sounded like me! I don’t know how many times I took a pregnancy test even though I knew it was impossible that I was pregnant. It was so weird!
      You may want to talk to your doctor about this. People’s hormones do change depending on your age maybe it was compatible with your body then but no longer? Either way, get it checked out and don’t suffer as long as I did!

  3. I just turned 40 last week. I’m a mom of a 6yr old and an almost 4yr old. I work shift work and have irregular sleep patterns. I commute over 2 hours a day. I always chalked up my chronic fatigue to those things I just listed. And then I’d blame my mood swings and irritability and emotional break downs on the chronic fatigue. My hair has been coming out way more than it ever has. I figured that was just stress from everything else I was dealing with. It wasn’t until within the last couple of weeks that I came across some podcasts about women’s hormones and realized that everything I’m experiencing is hormone-related. Reading stories like these from other women and mom’s makes me feel like I’m not some crazy woman losing her mind. I have a Mirena IUD, going into my 4th year. I’m planning on getting it removed ASAP. My husband had a vasectomy almost 2 years ago so there’s really no point in me being on birth control. I’m really hoping I’ll notice some positive changes after having it removed and my hormones start to balance out more. I’m wanting to go see a Naturopath as well if the removal of the IUD doesn’t help.

    I’m writing to say THANK YOU for sharing your own story. I think so many of us will be able to relate, and it gives me hope that I don’t have to live like this anymore (I’m tired of the guilt and heartbreak of having my children console me and wipe my tears away).

    If anyone has any recommendations on anything I should be doing PRIOR to having the IUD removed, I’d love some insight — I’ve heard that women should consider taking supplements weeks prior to removal or ending birth control, just so your body has a chance to be ‘prepped’ for coming off the hormones from the IUD.

    Trust your instincts and listen to your body, ladies.
    Thank you.


    1. Hi Danica,

      Thank you for sharing your story! I am really hoping that taking out the Mirena IUD will help with your hormone issues. I have to say that after my second child, my hormones really got thrown for a loop. While it never got back to the normal levels prior to pregnancy, taking out the IUD made a HUGE difference. I too plan to see a naturopath when COVID is over to discuss other things that could help with hormone balance. But I no longer experience hair loss, insane mood swings (I still have about 2 days out of the month where I feel more out of control, but not crazy at all), and some fatigue (again, depends on the time of the month).

      You are definitely not alone! I really thought I was losing my mind when I was on the Mirena IUD and can’t believe that I endured it for so long. I feel your heartbreak and sending you a virtual hug!

      I have not taken any supplements prior to removal, would love it if anyone can comment on that. I have gone on and off pills and obviously on and off IUD and ending birth control only made things better for me.

      Good luck with the IUD removal! <3 Keep in touch and let me know if the naturopath helps with your hormone balance. I will keep you updated too once I see one! <3

  4. I have just read your article and I can 100% relate! (Especially with the Hulk part!)

    My side effects started 1 year after insertion. I have never in my life experienced depression, and one morning I woke up feeling the weight of the world on me. A few days later I started my period and it lasted for 30 days straight.

    I went to the doctor and he put me on antidepressants, anti-anxiety tablets and sleeping tablets, all at once. He also prescribed the mini pill to balance out the bleeding. My doctor refused to remove the IUD and felt it would be better to rather “treat the symptoms.”

    Another year passed and I was diagnosed with RA (rheumatoid arthritis). I was 25 years old at the time and my body ached like that of a 70 year old. Whenever I was supposed to have “that time of the month” I would experience so much joint pain that I couldn’t move properly for at least 2 to 5 days.

    My eyesight got bad, I have pimples on my jawline (the watery kind that you can try and pick until it’s raw and nothing seems to come out) I developed skin discoloration patches all over my chest and stomach due to a hormone imbalance, but by far the worst part is most definitely the mood swings! I am always tired, always irritable and always angry, and whenever I’m supposed to have my period, I experience the worst kind of depression any person can imagine. And that for someone who didn’t even know what depression felt like, at all, pre-IUD.

    Living in South Africa, without medical insurance(or medical aid, as we call it) is very problematic. My IUD needs to be removed in theatre, as my doctor had cut the cords too short when he inserted it. That will cost a lot of money (R 9 000.00), just to get it removed. Then hubby and I will have to save up (AGAIN) to have him snipped, because having my tubes tied will cost double the price of him just being snipped. Also, birth control doesn’t seem to work with my body.

    Getting the Mirena IUD inserted was the worst decision I have ever made and I regret it every single day.

    1. Oh my gosh I am so sorry you went through all that! Wow you are so young and went through so much from hormone imbalance. Thanks for sharing your story, I hope it will help women out there experiencing similar symptoms and know to seek second opinions when their doctors refuse to take their IUDs out. My heart goes out to you <3

  5. Hi Betty,

    My experience with the insertion was very painful. Right after and days following, I felt like I was in labour. Very bad cramping and totally uncomfortable that I too wanted to remove it. My doctor told me to give it more time. I did and I feel fine now but I’ve put on like 20 pounds I. 2 years. Not like me as I had a really good metabolism but I’m wondering if it’s the iud? I’ve heard some people complain about gaining weight too. Have you experienced that as well?

    1. Wow I am sorry to hear about the insertion. I have been warned about the side effects but didn’t experience them.
      I did gain weight while I was on the IUD, and I felt bloated most of the time so my belly just felt huge. I never had good metabolism but could always control my weight by exercising and eating healthy but the IUD did seem to make that very difficult, so there was definitely weight gain. Then that weight gain led to lots of uncontrollable emotions, another side effect. Sigh!
      Besides weight gain, have you experienced other side effects?

  6. Dear Betty, thank you so so much for your article! I had my IUD inserted in Jan 2020! My son was 6 weeks old. I have never felt my self from then onwards! I told my Gyni I can not use any hormones as it makes me depressed like hell! He assured the hormone are very minimal and I would be okay. I am been on one antidepressant to another and I feel weepy or moody everyday. I have tried weighless , diet pills, Banting, intermitted fasting and I just can not loose any weight. I am tired all the time – somedays I don’t have the energy to blow dry my hair ( lift my hand above my head). I have contant back pain and no doctor can tell me why. Recently I went to get it removed but my gyni cut the string to short and it has moved to one side. I will have to go to theater to get it removed. My medical insurance/medical aid refuses to pay for the procedure. I was heart broken by the news – I have 3 little boys and their mom is at this stage a no show as she is tired moody and not feeling well all the time! Your post helped me not feel so alone and that I am not the only person experiencing these symptoms as I was feeling like I was going crazy!

  7. I am amazed something told me to do a search for my hormones/feelings in relation to my IUD. I have ALL of these symptoms the Hulking out, crying for no reason in the next second, fatigue, skin discoloration (they diagnosed it as Tinea versicolor). Some days are amazing others are horrible. This is my second Mirena since 2011. I will have it taken out this year , and not reinserted. Praying this helps things.

    Thank you all for your testimonials.

      1. I had a Mirena for almost 3 years. I’m 32. My twins have only known this version of their mom. I attributed my anxiety, rage, depression, lashing out, arguments with my husband to postpartum. They’re going to be 3 in 3 months and I came across a note to my doctor about removal of the IUD a couple months after insertion. She talked me out of it. I went in for a pap today with a different doctor and she agreed that what I was experiencing is due to Mirena and recommended removal. I feel a change, honestly. I wish I’d listened to my body sooner and advocated for myself better. 10/10 would not recommend this birth control option.

        1. It’s difficult for us to realize right away that it’s the hormones that are causing all the anxiety and mood fluctuations, especially when you are a mom to younger ones and life is not exactly easy. I am glad you found a doctor that agrees with you removing it. Hope things get a lot better!

  8. I had a horrible experience as well! I wish more people knew the ramifications of messing with your body before making the same mistake I did. I had boils on my face and down below. I lost hair at my temple and hair ahem… down there. I had extreme rage. It was horrible. I called my pcp and my gyno and they said it wasn’t that and wouldn’t take it out. I had to demand it be removed. Sadly I messed up my gut so much I ended up with anxiety, a myriad of other symptoms and was later diagnosed with hashimotos. One dr I went through all my history with said hashimotos was very relevant and mirena a could have triggered it. Beware! Periods may be annoying but at least it didn’t turn my life upside down. I couldn’t function for three years. I had to drastically change my diet and some things are still difficult for me to manage. Be well!

    1. I agree, I wish health providers can paint a better picture of all the potential side effects so people can make informed decisions. That is so crazy you ended up with hashimotos and I am angry for you that your doctor didn’t take it out when you wanted them to. Thank you so much for sharing so that other people can be aware of this!

  9. When I say every comment symptom down to the pregnancy test. I have experienced the back and forth to the obgyn giving it a chance. I can’t take it no more it’s only been 7 months for me but the spotting, the cramps and migraines are out of this world. I haven’t had cramps since I had my second son he’s 14 but the moment I got the mirena it has been hell. One month I had no cycle the next month it came back. Went off my cycle early then the next week I start cramping and spotting again. It keeps coming and going. Let’s not talk about hair my hair is shedding/falling out like crazy. The bloating is terrible as well. But these migraines are about to take me out. I’m definitely making a appointment with my OBGYN because I’m done take this out cause I can’t deal with it. At this point just throw my whole uterus away. This IUD is not for me especially with the cramping & spotting

    1. I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling well and I am glad you are doing something about it! Hopefully you start to feel better soon.

  10. I came across your blog and it’s given me hope! I got the Kyleena IUD (made by the same company as Mirena) about 4 months ago, and finally got it removed yesterday. I feel like my health has been turned upside down. All the side effects and symptoms started 1 week after insertion. Bleeding nonstop for months with maybe a 2 week break. All over body fatigue, migraines that made me feel off-balance, anxiety, and weird muscle aches and tingling. These were all new symptoms. I’ve had migraines in the past, but nothing like this. I took out the IUD yesterday and feel emotionally relieved. But now comes the waiting to see if my body will return to how it was before. I so desperately want my body back! I was healthy and fit, and now everyday seems to be a struggle with the fatigue and headaches. I know you mentioned it took you 2-4 months to feel better. Was it a gradual improvement? At what point did you realize you were going to recover? Did you have any setbacks like a crash as your body was trying to rebalance your hormones? Thanks for any insight!

    1. Hi! I am glad that you realized that your IUD wasn’t working with your body and took action. For me, recovery was gradual. I wish I could say it was like a light switch but it wasn’t. I think the migraines did subside pretty quickly, but the fatigue and moodiness (though not as extreme) did go away slowly. That said the severity of all the symptoms did lessen, just took a while to go away completely.
      I did not have any setbacks. I got back to working out and got back in shape, which sounds like you are eager to do! I do think exercising helped, so if you can muster the strength, I would encourage you to slowly get moving, even if it means just walking or lifting light weights.
      Good luck!

  11. Oh my goodness, I was just told today after battling some serious mental health issues, zero sex drive, being put on anxiety and depression medications, an ADHD diagnosis, and dang near running my husband off, that all of my issues could be from the Mirena. Like someone else said, I am pretty angry that my 3-year-old only knows a mentally unbalanced mother. If I grab his arm a little too hard one more time because of the intense rage, I may have to commit myself because of the guilt! The incredibly insightful pharmacist I spoke with is going to prescribe something for my testosterone imbalance to get me through the end of the year, then I am making an appointment to get this thing taken out!

    1. Oh my goodness that sounds so awful! I am glad you found a good pharmacist to help you and that you are doing something about it! Good luck with the removal! I also recommend getting your hormone levels checked because pregnancy throws everything off and who knows what the Mirena IUD does to your hormones. I have found out recently that I was low on testosterone and that changed everything!

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