How to Make Balloon Stress Balls

Learn how to minimize stress with these DIY balloon stress balls. These cute stress balls use common household items and are great for stressed-out kids and parents.

Balloon Stress Balls

Have you been pulling your hair out with your kids at home?

Yeah, me too.

And even though they don’t verbalize it, kids are definitely feeling anxiety at this time. As much as we try not to show any of our fear around them, kids are sensitive and can pick up on our negative energy.

So that’s why we decided to make stress balls!

How to Make Balloon Stress Balls

These stress balls are super easy to make. All you need are some balloons and something to fill the balloons with. 

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  • Balloons (12”)
  • Rice or Flour 
  • Funnel
  • Spoon or pencil (optional)
  • Permanent marker (optional)


  1. Blow up the balloon to stretch it out and let the air out.
  2. Insert the funnel into the balloon and hold it in place with one hand. Funnel-in-Balloon
  3. Slowly pour rice or flour into the funnel because you don’t want the funnel to overflow. Balloon-Stress-Ball-Funnel
  4. Shake or tap the funnel gently to encourage the rice or flour to go down. Use a spoon or pencil if necessary to help push it through the funnel.
  5. Continue until the balloon is full.
  6. Tie a knot.
  7. Just for fun, draw a smiley or silly face on the balloon with a permanent marker. Smiley-Face-Stress-Balls

My kids loved these balloon stress balls so much that we made 4 more! They begged to make more but we ran out of balloons.

Final Thoughts on Balloon Stress Balls

Which stress ball did your kid prefer? Mine liked the ones filled with flour because they are softer and squishier. 

If you have access sand, you can also try filling the balloon with sand and see what that stress ball feels like! We will definitely try using sand next time we go to the playground.

I hope your kids like the balloon stress balls! Mine loved squishing them in their hands, and I also taught them to use the stress balls when they feel angry. So when sibling rivalry occurs (which happens very often in this household) and emotions are running high, they can squish and pound on the stress balls instead of each other!

Smiley Face Balloon Stress Balls

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